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Software & Device Updates (February, 2016)

Fleet Management Software and Device Updates (February 2016)
Author: Angie Milne, Solutions Specialist

Preview the latest Geotab fleet management software and device updates. To verify whether changes have been made in your system, go to Administration > About and check the build number, which shows the month of release, e.g. 5.7.1602.xxx release/2016-02.

In this Edition:

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Reporting Enhancements

Driver First & Last Names Included in Select Advanced Reports

The first and last name fields are now included in a number of advanced Excel reports for easier identification of drivers. The following reports have been updated:

  • Advanced Congregation Report Template
  • Advanced Debug Report Template
  • Advanced Detailed Customer Visits Report Template
  • Advanced Detailed Exceptions Report Template
  • Advanced Detailed Trips Report Template
  • Advanced Device Report Template
  • Advanced DVIR Logs Template
  • Advanced HOS Driver Logs Template
  • Advanced HOS Violations Template
  • Advanced Summarized Customer Visits Report Template
  • Advanced Summarized Exceptions Report Template
  • Advanced Time Card Report Template

geotab time card report summary
Example of Time Card Report with first and last names of drivers

HOS/DVIR Enhancements

To align with the new FMCSA regulations, Geotab has made several changes to Hours-of Service (HOS) and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) in MyGeotab and the Geotab Drive app.

Home Terminal Address Now Included in HOS Reports

The driver’s home terminal address is now shown in the Geotab Drive mobile app and in all the HOS reports in MyGeotab.

drive time card report
Screenshot from Geotab Drive mobile app showing home terminal address.

geotab drive home terminal address
Duty Status Logs: Previous view and updated view with Home terminal address.

Log Origin Added to Advanced HOS Logs Report

To help managers determine whether duty status changes were manual or automatic, a new Log Origin field has been to the Advanced HOS Logs report. Log Origin field values include Manual, Automatic, OtherUser, or Unassigned.

geotab advanced duty status log
Advanced HOS Duty Status Logs showing Log Origin.

SDK Additions

SDK updates can also be viewed in the What’s New section of the MyGeotab SDK site.

  • LaunchAddin clearance is now a requirement for loading Add-Ins into the user’s web UI.
  • Updates for IOXAddon:
    • TextToSpeechContent has been changed to GoTalkContent
    • RelayContent has been changed to IoxOutputContent

geotab sdk iox add-on
KnownIoxAddOnType object model value changes.


Geotab continues to update and enhance our support in multiple languages. Improvements were made to the French, German, and Spanish language translations.

Minor UI Improvements

  • Support for Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) will end by May 2016. Users running IE9 will receive a pop-up reminder to update their browser.

IE9 message geotab
Notification of unsupported IE9 browser.

  • A new icon has been added to MyGeotab to help users differentiate between routes and route plans of the same name in the drop-down search filter of the live map. Managers can use route plans to optimize routing, by comparing the actual timing and stops to the scheduled ones.

mygeotab route icons
Different icons for route and route plan.

  • The numbering on the route summary has been updated to match numbers on the map. The start and stop points will still be indicated with play/stop icons and the first stop on the route will now be listed as 2.
  • User interface improvements for the Defect List and Part List were made to improve usability.
  • Geotab has updated the way exception details are displayed to improve clarity of information. In the example below for a speeding exception, the actual value (63 mph) is shown in blue and the exception rule value (56 mph) is shown in gray.

exceptions speeding geotab
New display format for exception context data.

Device Software

Geotab releases new device software on a quarterly basis. For the complete list of updates, please visit the Release Notes page.

Geotab GO7
New Version: 107.7.16+/109.7.16+ (Q1 2016 FW)
Previous Version: 107.6.32/109.6.32 (Q4 2015 FW)

Geotab GO6
New Version: 102.9.16+ (Q1 2016 FW)
Previous Version: 102.8.32 (Q4 2015 FW)

  • Modem improvements – Better performance in roaming areas
  • Enhanced Security measures and improvements
  • Enhanced protocol support (including WWH)
  • Improved VIN detection logic
  • BMW Related improvements (IGN detect fix and enhanced engine data support)
  • 23 hour heartbeat for BMW vehicles
  • Engine Snapshot data improvements
  • Additional IOX (Output, Analog) support
  • Enhanced Rollover detection
  • Date/Time from S&F server (If no GPS latch available)
  • Support for Pre-calibrated Accelerometer
  • Various Seatbelt and ODO Improvements
  • Various Fuel Improvements
  • Diesel Improvements
  • Max Road speed (J1939) enhancements
  • GPS jump debug code added
  • Ford Ranger Asia Fuel support

For More Information

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Hardware Support, IOX and Add-On Documentation, and Device Software Release Notes:

Visit the Support Documentation page.

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