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Geotab Datacenter Security

geotab datacenter security
Author: Eduardo Granda, Sales Manager, Latin America

We actively manage client data in a secure facility in Canada. Our gateway server handles the data transaction between vehicles over the cellular network, and into the device management gateway, before sending the data to the MyGeotab hosted service.

The service is continuously monitored, on a 24/7 basis, by our Technical Support engineers.

Stress testing to determine breaking points and data latency, which is the time between data requests and answers, is important to optimizing performance. Geotab monitors the network and internet uptime by individual cellular network carriers.

geotab data test
The below outlines some key datacenter security points:

  • The gateway server in Canada supports global customers, including partners in Australia using the Telstra network.
  • Our gateway on average processes over 10,000 log records per second, and is designed to scale for large customers, including our largest customer that has 80,000 connected vehicles in one database.
  • The Geotab gateway and IT architecture scales horizontally for seamless load balancing.
  • Geotab gateway and MyGeotab servers are hosted at Q9, one of the world’s most secure data centres that also hosts Canada’s largest banks and insurance companies.
  • We own our own servers within Q9 and use best practices to prevent unauthorized activity from taking place.
  • All Q9 facilities offer state-of-the-art physical access controls, full power, and multiple location facilities. These data centers do not allow third-party, on-site visits and only allow authorized personnel to gain access to the locations.
  • All Geotab-owned equipment is contained within access-controlled cages and racks. Only our staff has access to our equipment, and each staff member has to pass through access control points. All facilities and equipment are monitored by security personnel 24 hours a day.

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