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What’s new in Geotab Drive — Version 7.0

Last updated on February 16, 2023 in Updates by ELD and Technical Writing Teams |  3 minute read

Welcome to our latest summary of updates in Geotab Drive.

Geotab Users: To verify your version: go to MyGeotab > Administration > About, and check the build number, (e.g. release).


Resellers: Review this post for important changes affecting your customers and note any recommendations. If you have suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment below.


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NOTE: The images shown here are for illustration purposes only, and may appear different in the software as we approach the final release

Hours of Service updates

Unidentified Driving page in MyGeotab 

The Unidentified Driving page in MyGeotab is now in Feature Preview. This is a dedicated page that provides information about unassigned trips, for the purpose of helping administrators identify the correct driver. The page includes the following:

  • Vehicle groups and comments to provide context about the vehicle in question.
  • Trip distance, duration, and a link to a map with the highlighted route.
  • If available, the driver of the previous and the next trip made by the vehicle.
  • The ability to filter trips by annotations, minimum distance and minimum duration.
  • The option to identify probable Yard Moves with the “Vehicle Movement Within Zones” rule.

Administrators can quickly assign or annotate single or multiple trips without leaving the page. Pending assignments are displayed and can be canceled by the administrator. Drivers that accept the assigned unidentified driving will now end the driving period with the same duty status that they had before the unidentified driving was assigned (previously, unidentified driving always ended with an On Duty status).


The new unidentified driving page can be accessed from the left navigation bar by selecting Activity > HOS > Unidentified Driving. To enable this feature, enable the Unidentified driving page flag under Feature Preview.

A screenshot showing unidentified driving page
A screenshot of a map.

Added permission to allow drivers to ignore HOS logs

Drivers with the appropriate security clearances will now be able to ignore automatically generated logs that they have claimed. However, drivers will be required to annotate their logs before ignoring them. 

Ignoring a log will function the same as it does on MyGeotab: an ignored log will no longer count towards HOS availability, but will still appear during Roadside Checks. UI notifications are displayed on the Drive App informing the driver of both these things.


Administrators can enable this by adding Ignore HOS logs to the driver’s security clearances.


HOS log ignore

Australia Written Work Diaries (WWD)  

When on an Australian Ruleset, Written Work Diaries (WWD) functionality has been updated to closely align with the paper documentation and to prevent confusion with connectivity pop-ups and required break alerts. The following changes have been made:

  • Total hours on duty has been changed to Total hours working on the Work Diary logs page.
  • Fifteen minute break alerts are removed from the lock screen and the main view.
  • ELD pop-ups for Australian users are removed.
A screenshot of Australia Written Work Diaries

Updates to the Asset Inspection workflow

General improvements to the Asset Inspection workflow

The following changes were made to the Asset Inspection workflow: 

  • Certification now only applies to U.S. inspections where a defect has been reported.
    • If an inspection is created for a vehicle in the U.S. with no defects reported, the inspection does not need to be certified to proceed in the workflow.
    • The certification step has been removed completely for Canadian and Australian inspections. Jurisdiction for inspections is based on the state/province of the asset, if available.
    • Users can instead create a new inspection where previously it had to be certified.
    • For inspections that still have a certification step, the option to certify as unsafe has been removed, and has been replaced by the option to select a new asset.
  • Repaired is now Repaired or not a defect.
  • Users without the clearance to repair defects now have the ability to mark defects as Repair not necessary for the safe operation of the vehicle.
    • Marking a defect as repaired or not a defect still requires the appropriate clearance.

Example of a user with the repair clearance:

A screenshot of user without the repair clearence

Example of a user without the repair clearance:

A screenshot of unresolved defects

These changes help streamline the Asset Inspection workflow by removing unnecessary certifications, and by allowing all drivers a way to progress an inspection, even if they are unable to repair a defect. 

Canadian Asset Inspection workflow updates 

When creating an asset inspection within MyGeotab, the appropriate Canadian-specific fields are now shown where necessary. This includes height and width of load, and hubometer for trailers. This information is also available in the print view. 

Asset Inspection Pre/Post Trip Inspection Rules

Exceptions made as a result of the built-in Asset Inspection Pre/Post trip rules are now made instantly (0 second duration). This change is made to better reflect that the exception represents a point in time where the conditions of the rules are met, rather than a span of time.

General updates

Driver initiated password recovery 

Drive App users whose username is an email address can now reset their own passwords from the Login page. Previously, password resets required an administrator. When a user selects Forgot password?, a link displays in an external browser with the same password reset sequence as MyGeotab. After submitting their information and CAPTCHA, if the email address exists on the server, they will receive a password reset link in their email inbox.


Geotab sign in with email
geotab sign in screen

Canada Oil Well Service Vehicle Permits

We have added rulesets to support the Canadian Oil Well Service Vehicle Permits. This changes the driver’s cycle requirement to 3 periods of 24 hours off-duty every 24 days, and 72 consecutive hours off-duty to switch to another cycle. The four newly added rulesets are as follows:

  • Canada North Of 60 Oil Permit
  • Canada North Of 60 Oil Permit Team
  • Canada South Of 60 Oil Permit
  • Canada South Of 60 Oil Permit Team

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