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What’s new in Geotab Drive — Version 2004

Last updated on December 27, 2023 in Updates by ELD and Technical Writing Teams |  2 minute read

Table of contents

  1. General updates
  2. Messaging

Welcome to our latest summary of updates in Geotab Drive.

Geotab Users: To verify your version: go to MyGeotab > Administration > About, and check the build number, (e.g. release).


Resellers: Review this post for important changes affecting your customers and note any recommendations. If you have suggestions for improvement, please leave a comment below.


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NOTE: The images shown here are for illustration purposes only, and may appear different in the software as we approach the final release.

General updates

Added Starting and Ending Odometer fields to automatically populate in the Compliance Print 


In the Compliance Print on the Drive App, the system automatically populates the Starting and Ending Odometer fields for the vehicles used by the Driver.


Updated DVIR attestations on MyGeotab and Drive


The following updates have been made to DVIR attestations:

  • For Manitoba, the DVIR attestation has been updated to the following: “I declare that the vehicle shown above has been inspected in accordance with MB Regulation 95/2008”.
  • For New Brunswick, the DVIR attestation has been updated to the following: “I declare that the vehicle shown above has been inspected in accordance with the applicable requirements” — similar to the attestation messages for Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, and Saskatchewan.
  • Any DVIRs completed in MyGeotab now display attestations.

Updated Clock-in/Clock-out feature 


The custom code for the Clock-in/Clock-out feature has been removed. Instead, the Clock-in/Clock-out feature is now only available when Feature Preview is enabled. We have also merged the pop-up messages that are displayed when changing the status between Clock-in (start the day) and Clock-out (end the day) on the main dashboard.


Changed Duty Status Logs page name  


To maintain consistency, we’ve renamed the “Duty Status Logs” page to “HOS Logs” — found under Activity > HOS Logs. Previously, the MyGeotab UI used the terms interchangeably while referring to the same feature.

Enhanced accessibility in Drive App


We’ve enhanced the accessibility for the Drive App and the following elements are now better  compatible  with a screen reader and keyboard :

  • Main Dashboard
  • Settings page
  • Banner
  • DVIR page (excluding the DVIR checklist and Pre-trip/Post-trip/In-trip buttons)
  • Messages page
  • Login workflow
  • Login page

Added media clearances to default Drive App clearance


We’ve added the following clearances to the default Drive App security user type — required for media file capabilities:

  • Administer media files
  • View media files

Added Canadian DVIR fields to MyGeotab reports


In the 2003 release, we added and renamed fields in the Canadian DVIR. The following fields have been added to the MyGeotab reports:

  • DVIRLog.AuthorityName
  • DVIRLog.AuthorityAddress
  • DVIRLog.Device.Vin
  • DVIRLogDetailHubometer
  • DVIRLogDetailOdometer
  • DVIRLogDetailInspector
  • DVIRLogDetailOperator
  • DVIRLog.LoadHeight
  • DVIRLog.LoadWidth

Updated HOS Logs assignment 


In MyGeotab, Administrators can now select the correct driver using the drop down menu on the HOS Logs page. If the selected driver is not indicated as a co-driver on the HOS log, the system ignores the logs edited for the original driver and suggests new logs for the selected driver — correcting availability for both drivers in a single edit. The suggested logs for the new driver are in a requested state.


Moved Messages feature out of Feature Preview


After several updates, the Messages feature is now out of Feature Preview.


Updated Messages feature in MyGeotab


As announced in the previous release, the Messages feature has been updated. Stay connected with your drivers using the new consolidated messaging feature. Threaded views provide conversation-style messages with simple to use input controls such as adding links and canned replies. Messages can be sent to devices for anyone driving the vehicle to see, or directly to users for private two-way communication. Unread messages display in tab titles for easy detection, or as shortcuts under Notifications on the main title bar. Messages can be searched using date and display filters for accurate and friendly searches.

Updated messages in MyGeotab


Improvements to the UI in Drive App for Messaging 

We have improved the UI for the Messaging feature in the Drive App for a clean look and feel. As seen in the images below, there are now designated sections for messages to the vehicle and messages to the logged-in user. In the section for user messages, the dispatch can privately communicate between the drivers. Drivers can now communicate without first selecting a vehicle, as well as message the dispatch through the vehicle messages section or by clicking the Message Dispatch button.

Drive App messaging


Drive App messaging


Contributors: Mehant Parkash, Product Manager, ELD; Warisha Khan, Technical Writer, Francisco Milanez Neto, Technical Writer, Heather Holmes, Technical Writer; Inshaal Badar, Senior Content Writer

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