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New messaging features on MyGeotab and Geotab Drive

Published on December 17, 2020 in Updates by Jobin Thayilchira |  1 minute read

Find out about new UI changes.

There are a number of updates that have been made to Geotab Drive and MyGeotab to enhance your experience and make it easier to access what you want, when you want. We would like to highlight some new messaging features.

Send vehicle or user messages in MyGeotab

The new user interface (UI) for MyGeotab messaging is out of Feature Preview. Users can now send messages  directly from the fleet management application to a vehicle and user.


To save time, you can even input preset responses (canned replies) for drivers, such as “Yes,” “No” or “On time,” so they can select from a set of options when responding.


Viewing access differs depending on the message type:

  • Vehicle Messages can be seen by any driver that logs into that vehicle.
  • User Messages can only be seen by that specific user/driver in Geotab Drive.
  • Admins can see all messages in MyGeotab within their scope (User and Vehicle Messages).

Notifications for unread messages will appear on the notification bar in MyGeotab.

My notifications
Unread message example

Example of an unread message in MyGeotab.


In MyGeotab, conversations are sorted by devices or users.

Making communication safer and easier with Geotab Drive messaging

The Geotab Drive UI has been updated for an enhanced user experience. Press the Messages icon on the Home Screen to quickly and easily access your messages. Or navigate to messages from any page, by clicking the envelope icon at the bottom of the screen.


Updates to Geotab Drive messaging:

  • Send messages even when not assigned to a vehicle.
  • Conversations are now threaded.
  • View sent, delivered, and read receipts on the Drive App.

Through Geotab Drive, you can send a message to dispatch drivers to a location. When the driver clicks the link, navigation will begin. Data and additional charges may apply.

Geotab Drive messaging

Geotab Drive has an updated messaging UI and new threaded conversations.


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