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Eric Mallia discusses how Geotab is transforming transportation powered by Google Cloud

Last updated on April 4, 2024 in Sustainability by Eric Mallia |  1 minute read

Through Geotab's partnership with Google Cloud, we can deliver insights to fleets to help build the business case for sustainability.

The transportation sector is undergoing a dramatic transformation. The shift to lower carbon transport is happening around the world and across sectors, from last-mile delivery and professional services to energy and public transportation.


This transition has its challenges.


For EVs, there’s the learning curve and problem-solving related to selecting the best-fit electric vehicle models and planning for charging infrastructure. Each fleet needs its own customized solution, based on its unique business circumstances and driving patterns. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for fleet electrification.


According to research done by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), global EV sales are set to reach up to 86% of new vehicles by 2030. This highlights the need for reliable technology and tools in order to support fleet electrification as the market continues to grow. 


What’s exciting is that fleets today have access to solutions that help make the process easier. Tapping into data insights can streamline the process of setting strategic goals, measuring KPIs, and reporting transparently on progress. 


Automating electrification strategy

Connecting to real-world data ensures that decisions will drive impact for the planet and the bottom line.

For example, Geotab’s EV Suitability Assessment takes insights from a customer’s gas and diesel vehicles as inputs for EV range prediction models. The result is a customized fleet electrification blueprint with EV and charging infrastructure recommendations— to reduce emissions and maximize ROI. 


Telematics data supports sustainability goal-setting, efficient operations, and long-term planning to reduce emissions. This data is essential, not only for getting started but also for the continued scaling of EV operations. 


Geotab leverages the power of Google Cloud to process over 75 billion data points daily. These data insight enable fleets to take informed action on corporate sustainability objectives. Data insights driven by the Geotab AI-powered platform enable visibility into driver safety, productivity, sustainable operations, reduced fuel consumption, and regulatory compliance. 


Collaborating for sustainability

Through the @Geotab and @Google Cloud collaboration, we can deliver the insights to help build the business case for sustainability.


The fleet industry has an important role to play in combating climate change. Sustainable changes are helping decarbonize the transportation sector and lower global emissions. Collectively, it’s possible to achieve our goals.


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