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Geotab celebrates International Day of Women and Girls in Science with our women in STEM

Last updated on October 19, 2023 in Working at Geotab by Jodi Ann Hofmann  |  3 minute read

See what inspired women at Geotab to pursue a career in STEM as a celebration for International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

There is a significant gender gap in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). More female representation in STEM fields, not only as contributors but as leaders and decision-makers, is critical. 


For example, did you know the following facts about women in STEM according to the UN?

  • Although women account for 33.3% of all researchers, just 12% of members of national science academies are female.
  • Despite a skills deficit in most of the technology sectors, women make up only 28% of engineering graduates and 40% of computer science and informatics graduates.
  • Only one in every five professionals (22%) in cutting-edge sectors like artificial intelligence is a woman.
  • Female researchers have shorter and lower-paying careers than male researchers. Their work is underrepresented in prestigious journals, and they are frequently overlooked for advancement.

International Day of Women and Girls in Science, held on February 11 each year, offers an opportunity to celebrate the women who are pursuing their passions in science and technology and inspiring future generations of women. 

Geotab’s commitment to women in tech

As a tech company, Geotab is committed to hiring a diverse workforce. We continue to support the next generation through our Junior Summer Program, an eight-week program for high school students to gain professional experience and our Co-op and Internship Program, an opportunity for university and college students to fulfill co-op requirements in an innovative and supportive environment.


Celebrating, supporting and creating opportunities for women, is an ongoing effort. Geotab’s professional development program, including an upskilling program, is supporting women to continue to learn, grow and even move from a non-technical role into a technical role if desired. 


Geotab recently hosted MyVoice, an event for employees celebrating women and their work. The event brought together women and allies from across the company to share their experiences in business, discuss challenges, share best practices for leadership, professional growth and empowerment. It also provided attendees with an opportunity to network and form new friendships.


To help celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we spoke to some of our female Geotabbers that pursued a degree in STEM and are now sharing their passion and skills with others. We hope they inspire you to consider joining the world of STEM. 

Meet some of the women in STEM roles at Geotab

We interviewed female Geotabbers and asked them about what inspired them to join the STEM field. Here’s what they had to say:

Christina Riczu

Role: Hardware Developer

Education: M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering

An image of Christina Riczu

Christina says there’s more to working in STEM than loving science. She explains that when you’re a woman, you can’t just think of the science, but also of how to uplift yourself.


“My graduate supervisor and I published an all-women-authored automotive research paper. It was so fulfilling! I encourage all women to pursue their interests, even if you're the minority. It's a great feeling to pave the way for others!” 


Christina also states that she was excited to join Geotab because she knew there were women on her team, making her feel supported before she even joined.

Melanie Hudakoc

Role: Associate Product Manager, MyAdmin

Education: B.S. in Physics and Mathematical Science

An image of Melanie Hudakoc

Melanie says that it was the women before her who inspired her to complete her Bachelor’s degree in physics. She would enter her mostly-male classes and think, “Can I do this?” It was the influence of successful women around her that reminded her she could pursue her passions and succeed.


“My mentor in physics was the first female physicist hired at my university. She would often tell me about how she was the only woman in the room. Now I stand there with her, and I hope we women continue to fill the room."


When asked if she feels confident in her role as a woman in science, Melanie says that it took graduating to realize what an asset she was. She appreciates working for a company like Geotab that realizes the importance of her contributions and constantly provides her with opportunities to grow.

Aditi Jalota

Role: Solutions Engineering

Education: M.E. in Computer Networks

An image of Aditi Jalota

“Intrigued by the idea of networks and creation, I took up engineering despite being one of few women in my classes. Seeing your work make an impact is worth the challenge!”


Role: Embedded Systems Developer

Education: M.S. in Cyber Security and M.E. in Computer Science

An image of Tanvi

"My first science teacher was my mother. As a physics professor, her innovative teaching methods helped me recognize my interest in STEM."

Vani Bhatia

Role: Information Security, Risk and Compliance Analyst

Education: M.E. in Computer Networks

An image of Vani Bhatia

“In school, I was good with science, math and computers. I loved these subjects, not because of my good grades, but because they allowed me to problem solve and innovate. There is something in STEM for everyone; you just need to look for it.”

Feyisayo Enuiyin

Role: Associate Solutions Engineering

Education: B.S. in Chemical Engineering

An image of Feyisayo Enuiyin

“Being a woman in STEM empowers me to be the changes I love to see.”

Lorain Fortuno

Role: Process Engineering

Education: B.S. in Electrical Engineering

An image of Lorain Fortuno

“I started with a non-engineering degree in college but braved the male-dominated classroom of electrical engineering to follow my true passion. It led to an exciting and fulfilling career.”

Anusha Mamidala

Role: Software Developer

Education: Graduate Certificate in Information technology

An image of Anusha Mamidala

"I believe that the sciences are a field constantly evolving with more opportunities for more people. It's not only about how a woman starts a career in STEM but about how far we go to help other minorities throughout our journey."

The future of women in tech at Geotab

Approaching male-dominated fields as a woman can be intimidating and difficult, but Geotab values the exciting contributions our current female employees have made and looks forward to future generations helping to evolve our company even more. 


Are you interested in starting your career in STEM? You’re in luck because Geotab is hiring! Check out the open positions on our Careers website and apply today! 


For a deeper look behind the scenes of what it’s like to work at Geotab, follow @InsideGeotab on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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