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Working from home doesn't mean you're alone

Published on January 14, 2021 in Working at Geotab by Paul Wilson |  1 minute read

How virtual teams can maintain a real connection while working online.

When employees don’t have regular and meaningful in-person connections with their co-workers, it can be hard to feel like a part of a team. When working virtually, this feeling of aloneness can be magnified even more. But—it doesn’t have to be that way! Even when a department is 100% virtual, collaboration tools and social activities can keep the team spirit alive and well.


As the majority of Geotab's employees are currently working from home, the necessity to keep our culture alive is important now more than ever. We make it a top priority to remain connected through daily team touchpoint meetings, department-specific chat channels and regular team bonding exercises.


No matter what team a Geotabber is a part of or where they are in the world, Geotab brings a bit of the office culture to every employee's home.

How Geotab stays connected while working from home

Each team has its own unique way of staying connected. For example, the Learning Design team participates in daily team coffee break meetings, virtual online party games and weekly team meetings. For the weekly meetings, individual team members design and drive specific meetings with fun, informative or instructive openers that teach, train and promote Geotab culture.


The Human Resources team has also provided Geotabbers with over 30 suggestions for virtual team bonding activities, ranging from fun ice-breakers to more in-depth or challenging suggestions. Here are some examples:

  • Two truths and a lie
  • At-home show and tell
  • Virtual scavenger hunt
  • Themed costume meetings

These suggestions help teams create bonding activities that fit within their unique personalities and skill sets.

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Open door policy

Geotab also embraces an open door policy (or, in our current virtual environment, this translates to an open-chat policy). This open chat policy means that Geotabbers can always connect with each other no matter their needs. Whether it’s work-related or personal, Geotabbers are there for each other no matter what.

Geotab sticks to its values

One of Geotab’s core values is “Work hard. Play hard.” Old and new Geotabbers alike embrace this core value, and know that a strong company culture means balancing work and play every day.


Even when Geotabbers work from home, it’s important to stay engaged in the company culture. That means collaborating with co-workers, embracing new work-from-home procedures, coming up with innovative ways to stay connected and so much more. On a company-wide and individual team basis, Geotabbers are encouraged to laugh, learn and grow together.

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As we continue to embrace working from home, Geotab strives to support our employees every single day. We care about the mental health and physical well-being of our Geotabber family!


Want to learn more about our culture and team dynamics?


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Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson is a Learning Content Writer at Geotab.


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