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Nussbaum: Using data-driven fleet strategies for $300,000 in insurance savings

Published on February 7, 2024

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Nussbaum, a trucking company based in the Midwest with approximately 550 trucks, desperately needed a technology overhaul. They knew they needed a telematics solution that could help them reach their goals.


They wanted to create a positive impact in their business, manage vendor partnerships, put technology at the forefront of their operations and collect information-rich data. The solution? Get Geotab on board. Advantage One, expert consultants in fleet technology, worked hand in hand with Nussbaum to get the most out of the Geotab solution. Watch this video to see how they helped create data-driven operational strategies, boost their fleet safety and save $300,000 in insurance costs.


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SafetyFleet Optimization

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