Image of asturias city with Wanacars logo

Wanacars: 20% fuel savings and remote door unlocking

Published on July 30, 2023

Image of asturias city with Wanacars logo

The team at Wanacars, a car rental company operating in the Principality of Asturias, Spain, takes great pride in their commitment to trust and innovation. With more than 35 years of experience in the automotive sector, the company recognized the environmental impact of their operations. In response, Wanacars launched a new brand that sets them apart from existing competitors by offering customers a product that combines advanced technology with a focus on sustainability.

Challenge: Creating a new, smarter and greener brand

The team at Wanacars knew they would need to implement solutions that provided insights into their operations so they could make informed decisions about how to reduce their environmental impact. They also recognized that any solution they chose needed to be flexible in order to grow alongside their business.


They chose to work with Geotab, recognizing that Geotab’s advanced telematics technology and Keyless solutions provided the ideal blend of data intelligence and scalability required for their needs. 


"The amount of data that Geotab provides us with makes the day-to-day management of our project more agile," explains Diego Álvarez Leon of the Renting - Tenders Department

Solution: Embracing innovative telematics solutions 

By equipping 40 of their vehicles with GO devices and Geotab’s Keyless solution, Wanacars was able to optimize fleet management while enhancing the experience of their customers, who drive an average of 200 km daily.


With these solutions, Wanacars could collect a wealth of data to inform their decision-making. The company was impressed with Geotab’s track record in EV support, which was a major consideration. By leveraging the user-friendly interface of the MyGeotab platform, Wanacars could access data intelligence to take action in real time. 


Wanacars also knew they could increase efficiency and streamline the customer experience by implementing Geotab’s Keyless solution. Integrated with the Wanacars mobile app through Geotab's open API, this easy-to-install solution allows customers to search available vehicles and reserve their preferred ones. They can locate and unlock the doors without having a physical key, speeding up the entire process. This secured access to the vehicle even works if it is parked in an area with no cellular coverage via a Bluetooth connection. The solution also provides additional security with the ability to remotely lock all vehicles at the end of a reservation.

Impact: a more efficient experience that reduces fuel costs by almost 20%

By implementing these solutions, Wanacars achieved significant progress toward their sustainability goals while reaping significant financial benefits.


This led to one of the most notable results: they were able to reduce their fuel costs by almost 20%. This significant achievement stemmed from the company’s successful efforts to minimize unnecessary driving between rental offices, resulting in a decrease in CO2 emissions.


Also, streamlining the customer experience meant they weren’t reliant on physical locations. This alone considerably reduced the environmental impact of company operations and will result in long-term cost savings.


Finally, the telematics data collected by GO devices, including error codes, active warning lights, defective sensors and high energy consumption, enabled Wanacars to increase the overall efficiency of their fleet. 

From the Customer

"We plan to expand the territory covered by our activity, reaching more autonomous communities, as well as increasing the services we offer using Geotab's technology" - Diego Álvarez Leon from the Renting - Tenders Dept.

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