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Don’t just choose an ELD. Choose a partner for the long haul

ELD isn't just about compliance. With the right solution and the right partner, it can change the way you operate – saving money, eliminating complexity, and giving you an edge on the competition.

Award-winning telematics solution

Geotab was named the world's leading telematics provider by ABI Research for the second year running.

• More than 100 customizable HOS rule sets, for enterprise-grade compliance

• 200+ third-party solutions on one of the world’s largest marketplaces for heavy fleets

Book a demo and we'll show you why. See how one simple decision can change your outlook for the months and years ahead.
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ELD from Geotab is different. See what you’re missing

Here are just three reasons companies like yours are moving to Geotab for ELD. Book a demo and we'll share many more.
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Technology that's easier to work with

Moving to Geotab for ELD makes life easier. Drivers get information through Geotab Drive, an intuitive mobile app. Compliance managers gain the flexibility to meet any reporting requirement. Driver managers can tap into coaching tools to deliver better performance. And the same device works on all your vehicles, from Class 1 through 8.
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A solution you can bank on

You deserve long-term value for your money. Sometimes the cheapest option ends up costing you the most. With an extremely low failure rate, Geotab GO devices are designed to provide industry-leading reliability and cost savings, year in and year out.
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A partner that's here to stay

The pandemic has been hard on businesses of all types and sizes. Not every ELD vendor will survive. Where does that leave you? As the largest telematics company in the world, with over 2.1 million subscribers across 120 countries, Geotab has continued to grow, even through COVID-19. We’re here for you today, and we’ll be here tomorrow.

Award winning fleet management solutions

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