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Garmin Integration of Real-Time Navigation and Communication

Oakville, Ontario, December 17, 2010 – Geotab, Inc. (“GEOTAB”) was named an official Garmin Fleet Management Partner earlier this year, under the Garmin business partner program. GEOTAB’s vehicle tracking hardware device, the GO4 version 3 (GO4V3), can be integrated with select Garmin Nuvi PND’s, allowing for two-way driver and dispatcher communication. The partnership has helped bring navigation, dispatching and 2-way driver messaging to GEOTAB’s fleet management solutions.

Neil Cawse, Geotab’s CEO, shares his excitement about the powerful software capabilities that assist in this communication by stating that, “GEOTAB’s robust and innovative MyGeotab 5.5 fleet management software system provides fleet managers, and now dispatchers, with full asset tracking and employee management capabilities from anywhere in the world, enabling new levels of efficiency measurement.”

Unique to GEOTAB and developed by GEOTAB engineers, the GO4V3 tracking device actually powers up the Garmin using a modified Garmin Fleet Management Interface connector. This feature helps deter Garmin theft and connection compliance, as employers are notified through the software when, and if, the Garmin device has been unplugged and removed from the vehicle. For improved driver safety when mobile, the GEOTAB with Garmin solution will also automatically message drivers for safety events, vehicle pre and post trip inspections, excess idling, provide weather updates and other easily user-customizable events.

To ensure that drivers are not distracted when using the Garmin, a sound notification is played with a new message icon on the Garmin screen, which notifies drivers that new text messages have been received. The driver must safely come to a stop before reading the message or responding to a dispatch request.

Garmin’s dispatch messaging interface and GEOTAB’s fleet management software enables direct-to-driver communication via text messaging, as well as instant re-routing with “new destination” message prompts. Drivers can provide confirmation that the message was read, answer questions with a yes or a no, and also type brief messages to eliminate the need and distraction of in-vehicle cell phone use. Other standard features include automatic notifications of a stop at destination, estimated time of arrival, dispatch view of when messages are received and read, and have a driver status screen display. By using GEOTAB’s software development kit, third party providers can also take advantage of GEOTAB’s hardware and software for a complete integrated telematics solution.

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