Our compliance commitments

Maintaining compliance with all relevant laws and regulations within every region that we do business.

Transparency is a key value at Geotab and one that we consider a top priority in maintaining positive working relationships with our employees, Suppliers and Customers. Alignment with internationally recognized regulations and standards assists Geotab in achieving that transparency and helps to instill customer confidence in our products, our people and our Partners.

Modern Slavery Statement

Geotab is committed to ensuring compliance with fair labor practices and modern slavery and human trafficking legislation including the Modern Slavery Acts within the United Kingdom and Australia.

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Partner Code of Conduct

Geotab is committed to ensuring all Partners in our operations and supply chain uphold our commitment to ethical labor, social and environmental responsibilities.

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Geotab is committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner, and will do so by preventing and removing barriers to accessibility and meeting accessibility requirements under applicable legislation.

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Environmental Code of Conduct

Geotab is committed to establishing internal and external green initiatives to promote sustainability and environmental awareness at all levels of our business.

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Geotab’s Small Business Subcontracting Initiative

Geotab is committed to supporting Small and Minority Owned Businesses by developing a diversity supplier program. Through this initiative, we aim to make meaningful contributions to the economic growth of small and minority owned businesses and communities. As our program continues to grow and evolve we remain committed to advocate and support an inclusive vendor and supply chain network and environment.

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