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Green initiatives

Learn more about Geotab’s green initiatives and how they are being promoted within the company and externally through recycling programs.

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Geotab’s green initiatives

Geotab is committed to helping promote green initiatives by ensuring there are the correct recycling processes in place for all devices. Our goal is to address all recycling-related inquiries by bringing environmental awareness to EU geographic regions and provide our Resellers and Customers with recycling guidance.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Geotab recognizes the importance of reducing our carbon footprint to protect the planet. We are actively working towards minimizing our environmental impact by measuring and analyzing our carbon footprint on different levels including: global supply chain, transportation and distribution of products, our facilities, use of sold products, business travel and staff commuting. Our recycling initiatives will help accelerate this goal and ultimately contribute to the overall sustainability of our products.

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Environmental Code of Conduct

Geotab is committed to establishing internal and external green initiatives to promote sustainability and environmental awareness at all levels of our business.

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Chemical Statement

We are committed to reporting and documenting all chemical restrictions, including Substances of very high concern (SVHCs).

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Commonly asked questions

Geotab takes a comprehensive approach to environmental responsibility. Read our Environmental Code of Conduct for more information.
The materials in Geotab’s products can be reused in new products. This will reduce the material that goes into landfills and reduce the amount of raw materials required.
Yes, Geotab has recycling programs in the United States and Canada to facilitate the disposal of GO devices and accessories in a secured and environmentally friendly manner. Geotab has commenced Initiatives for a Geotab GO device recycling program for the European Union (EU) to meet compliance requirements with the Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and has partnered with Take-E-Way to achieve battery and packaging environmental compliance. Read more about the GO Recycling Program.
The Geotab GO Recycling Program helps eliminate waste in landfills by providing an eco-friendly disposal system for GO products. Learn more.
Currently, Geotab accepts all GO products, harnesses, Geotab IOX® Input/Output Expanders and other attachments. If you are in the U.S., only the vehicle tracking device itself is currently accepted as recyclable material.
No, Geotab recycling programs only accept Geotab-brand products and do not accept products from any other brands.
Your product does not have to be working in order for it to be recycled. Geotab will accept products in any condition.
Geotab does not provide packaging materials. However, we will provide a print-out label for you when you wish to ship your item for recycling.
There are no costs associated with recycling Geotab products.
Please refer to the top right hand corner of and choose the regional website you wish to inquire about. Navigate to the “About” and “Compliance” page for more information.
If you are inquiring about a country outside of the scope listed, please contact for more information.