Car driving at night using EV Charge Assurance Dashboard.

EV Charge Assurance dashboard now available on the Marketplace

Published on October 15, 2020 in Electric Vehicles by Kelly Laing |  1 minute read

Monitoring EV charging made simple.

In the world of fleet management, effective charging is something that can make or break your day. This is where charge monitoring tools can be so powerful. With multiple drivers and vehicles on the go, having the correct tools at your disposal can help eliminate challenges within your EV fleet.


Geotab is expanding on its best-in-class EV fleet management solution portfolio, by announcing the EV Charge Assurance Add-In, which is now available through the Geotab Marketplace. The EV Charge Assurance dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the charging status for a fleet’s electric vehicles. Quickly see at a glance which EVs are ready and charged while also setting up custom notifications to proactively resolve charging issues.


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EV Charge Assurance Dashboard

Every vehicle ready — every day

With EV Charge Assurance, you can easily pre-plan your asset utilization and dispatch EVs confidently for the day, knowing they will have enough charge to complete their workload. Fleet managers can save time by viewing a quick snapshot of the charging status of each EV in their fleet to easily monitor the charging status of specific vehicle groups in their charging zones. Boost productivity and prevent costly charging delays by confirming all EVs in your fleet are ready to go.

Prioritize assets for charging more efficiently

This easy-to-use dashboard helps fleet managers complete the day’s workload with confidence. The dashboard displays warnings for any EV that won’t reach the specified battery level required due to a charging issue, allowing fleet managers to take preventative steps for quick corrective action. EV Charge Assurance ultimately helps fleet managers reduce charging mishaps (like an unplugged EV at the end of a shift), to increase your EV fleet’s efficiency.


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How it works

EV Charge Assurance uses vehicle-side EV data to provide live metrics into EV charging status. The dashboard answers critical charging questions like:

  • Does my EV have enough charge to perform its workload for the day?
  • Are any of my EVs experiencing charging issues?
  • Which EVs are not going to reach their target state of charge in time?

The Geotab Marketplace is full of great tools to optimize fleet performance. Visit the Marketplace for more information on EV Charge Assurance and more EV fleet tools.

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