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Geotab Datacenter Expands in 2015

Geotab Datacenter Security Expands
Author: Kevin Siddique, IT Systems and Security Administrator

A Year of Growth and Change

As we near the end of 2015, it’s amazing to reflect on the incredible growth and change that has happened at Geotab this year. In particular, there have been some advancements at our Geotab Datacenter to further reinforce security and help us meet the needs of our growing base of Geotab device users.

Global Expansion

Geotab continues to actively manage client data in a secure facility in Canada. In addition, we have tripled the number of servers we use and expanded to a number of cloud providers across the world. Our new global network allows us to have geo-redundancy and improved response times to various regions. To ensure that our service is still continuously monitored 24/7, our Technical Support team has grown by fifty percent and our IT Team has doubled in the past year.

New and Updated Datacenter Statistics

  • Gateway servers support over 475,000 Geotab devices around the world.
  • Our gateway on average processes over 22,000 log records per second (over double from last year), including our largest customer that has 80,000 connected vehicles.
  • Cloud providers offer state-of-the-art remote access controls, redundant power, and multiple location facilities. These datacenters do not allow third-party, on-site visits and only authorized personnel are permitted to gain access to the locations.
  • Our remote datacenters adopt industry-standard security processes and standards and are used by banks, insurance companies, airlines, and many technology companies.
  • We regularly run PCI compliance scans on our servers to ensure a secure environment.
  • Leveraging the power of the cloud, we are able to spin up new servers in minutes instead of hours. Geotab is ready to meet all current and future needs for data processing.

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