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Get to know some of Geotab’s recruiters

Published on August 13, 2021 in Working at Geotab by Hayley Smith

Learn about some of our Geotab recruiters before your interview.

Have you ever wondered who is on the receiving end of a job application to Geotab? Behind the scenes there is a team of 29 people hard at work reviewing each and every application received. Each month, the Geotab recruitment team processes 6,000 applications on average around the world to find the best fit for every open position.


To get a glimpse into some of the people who are on the hunt for the next generation of Geotabbers, check out the profiles of six of our Geotab recruiters.


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Julie Dagostino

Julie Dagostino is a Talent Acquisition Partner at Geotab. Her role involves working with hiring managers to find the best talent for various positions within the organization.


When she is not on the hunt to find the best talent, you’ll probably find her playing Scrabble, walking, reading, traveling or binging Netflix. Julie really enjoys giving back to her community so you will often find her volunteering her time at her local food bank. 


There are so many reasons why Julie loves working at Geotab, from the fun collaborative culture to the amazing company perks.


To get in touch with Julie, you can reach out to her on Linkedin.

Ben Zeeman

Ben Zeeman is a Talent Acquisition Partner working with the Automotive and embedded development teams at Geotab. He has over 10 years of experience in technical recruiting, specifically working with software and hardware product development companies in the GTA. 


Ben manages the entire talent delivery and recruitment process and looks to foster strong relationships and partnering with both hiring managers and candidates throughout the process. He personally manages the strategic hiring initiatives of these departments and helps keep diversity and inclusion top of mind.


He loves working at Geotab due to the positivity and fun atmosphere. Everyone at Geotab is always willing to lend a helping hand and answer any question you may have — no matter how silly. We are building technology that helps protect our environment and truly supports our clients in their growth and sustainability.


Outside of work, Ben enjoys staying active through recreational sports, weight lifting and aerobic exercise. Recently, Ben has taken a keen interest in MMA and has begun training and even hosts his own podcast. Through this podcast, video and music editing has become a new passion and something he can’t wait to explore more.


To get in touch with Ben, you can reach out to him on Linkedin.

Gillian Fox

Gillian Fox is a Talent Specialist at Geotab. Her role entails working with teams across the organization to find the best talent to support individual departments and Geotab as a whole.


She loves working for Geotab because of the positive culture. Since day one, she has felt valued and supported in her role. Additionally, she enjoys the opportunity to take part in the many events and activities Geotab hosts to foster company morale. Gillian was recently a part of a codenames competition at Geotab, which she enjoyed immensely.


Outside of work, Gillian is a huge dog lover! Most of her weekends are spent at the dog park with her recently adopted rescue dog, Blue who you can see in her picture above.


To get in touch with Gillian, you can reach out to her on Linkedin.

Tharsiga Selvathilagan

Tharsiga Selvathilagan is a Talent Acquisition Partner with the Campus Team at Geotab. In her role, she builds and executes programs and strategies related to the student and early career talent spaces. Currently, she is working on creating a new graduate program for the company. To accomplish this, she has been working with multiple departments, including Employer Branding, Communications, Data & Analytics, Software Development and more.


A large part of Tharsiga’s role involves interacting with diverse student communities to share employment opportunities and establish Geotab as an employer of choice for students and new graduates. You'll find Tharsiga posting job opportunities on LinkedIn or attending information sessions and company events on campuses. She enjoys getting to know people and challenging them so they can use their passion to fuel their growth in their careers.


Tharsiga loves working at Geotab because of the positive work culture and wellness initiatives in place to take care of Geotabbers and their families first. There's a lot of opportunity for growth and individuals at all levels of the company are open to chatting, helping you find your way and tagging those interested on projects that interest them. Tharsiga knows that all Geotabbers value diversity, respect one another and are constantly challenging the status quo, which is a great environment to be in at any stage in your career.


Outside of her passion for finding innovative ways to attract, develop, and retain top talent, Tharsiga enjoys volunteering, baking, travelling, hiking and spending time outdoors on walks by the waterfront.


To get in touch with Tharsiga, you can reach out to her on Linkedin.

Connor Ball

Connor Ball is a Talent Acquisition Manager at Geotab. He has been with Geotab since 2019. He and his team support recruitment for top talent in Sales, Operations, Marketing, Solutions Engineering and more. 


Connor loves working at Geotab because of the fantastic teams and leaders he supports as well as the company culture. Geotab's technology aligns closely with his passions in the automotive space. When he's not recruiting for teams at Geotab, he can be found watching Formula 1 or simulated racing.

Tina Ning

Tina Ning is a Talent Acquisition Specialist for Geotab. She joined Geotab in 2021. Her role at Geotab mainly focuses on helping the Software Development department attract the best developers of different levels. 


Since she started, Tina’s experience at Geotab has been nothing but positive. In her opinion, the Talent Team is by far the best team she has ever worked for. At Geotab, everyone is supportive and she knows she can reach out to literally anyone if she has any questions — everyone is more than willing to help! 


Even though her journey at Geotab has just started, Tina knows that Geotab is a company that genuinely cares about its employees. She especially appreciates the great benefits package, awesome work-life balance and huge potential to grow internally. 


Outside of work, Tina is all about her pets. She has three cats and one dog. Cuddling with her fur babies on the couch with some takeout is her idea of a perfect day off.


To get in touch with Tina, you can reach out to her on Linkedin.


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