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Boost Your Sales Team Productivity with Telematics

How Telematics Can Help Make Your Sales Team More Productive

Insights obtained from a Geotab Account Manager:

Sales is all about spending more time selling and less time dealing with the administrative aspects.

When faced with day-after-day, back-to-back meetings it’s easy to let the paperwork pile up – like one’s expenses. Hours of careful planning before hitting the road is a luxury not many can afford – I’ve often found myself rushing to input an address into my GPS right before heading to an appointment (am I the only one??) which is when all my fingers tend to turn into thumbs.

On the sales end of things, you might be thinking “no way, I don’t want anyone tracking me,” but hear me out, this works for you – not against you:

Wouldn’t it be great to send all your appointment locations to your Garmin so you don’t have to input them once you get to your vehicle? Obtain a report of your locations to put your day’s work into your CRM for automatic follow up? Do your expenses in record time by providing yourself with a comprehensive report of your milage at the end of each month?

On the management end of things, you could go one step further and build an API to integrate into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to make your team even more productive. If you want to know more about how to do this, send us an email by going to our contact form: http://www.geotab.com/contact.aspx

For a fun experiment, I once ran a report to see the ratio between how long my car spends in an airport parking lot vs. parked in my driveway. Speaking of which… where did I park my car THIS time? Oh wait, not a problem, I’ll just logon to MyGeotab from my phone and check.

Happy Selling.

– Val.

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