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MyGeotab Dec 2016 updates: IFTA fuel reports

Published on December 9, 2016 in Updates by Angie Milne |  1 minute read

A summary of recent Geotab software/firmware updates, including: HOS/DVIR, SDK, Reports, Database, UI, and Language.

A summary of recent Geotab software/firmware updates, including: HOS/DVIR, SDK, Database, Reports, User Interface (UI), and Language.


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December 2016


For more information on Geotab Drive, please review these important reference guides: Driver’s Guide to HOS and Inspection Reports and Geotab Drive DVIR Workflow. You can download Geotab Drive on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

New Comments Field on Add Trailer Page in Geotab Drive

Streamlined Log in for Geotab Drive

At the vehicle selection screen, only vehicles within a 1 km radius of the driver will be shown.

New Button to No Defects DVIR

When drivers are completing a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) log with no defects selected, they will be prompted to click a No Defects button. This clearly indicates to the drivers that they are completing the log with no defects. Previously, they needed to click a Done button.

DVIR Enhancement: Company Name and Address Are Displayed in the DVIR Report

ON Duty Log Automatically Created for DVIR Inspections

The duty status of a driver will be automatically set to ON duty when the driver performs a vehicle inspection (DVIR) after logging in.


Note: For the complete ELD regulations, go to


Geotab.Checkmate.ObjectModel.dll Update

Geotab.Checkmate.ObjectModel.dll has been updated and the following DatabaseId classes and methods  have been deprecated:

Note: These items will be completely removed as of May 2017.



  • DatabaseId
  • DatabaseId.GuidId
  • DatabaseId.LongId
  • DatabaseId.ShimId
  • DatabaseId.LongId
  • DatabaseId.MemoryId


  • DatabaseId.Create(long? key)
  • DatabaseId.Create(Guid? guid, bool lookupKnownId = false)
  • DatabaseId.Create(string str)
  • DatabaseId.GetMemoryId()

To review the monthly SDK updates, go to the What’s New section at


IFTA Report Now Includes Fuel Transactions and Fuel Usage

Users now have the ability to incorporate fuel usage information into their IFTA reports. This change will further support fleet compliance activities.


Read our Quick Guide to MyGeotab IFTA Reports to learn how to set up an IFTA report in MyGeotab.


Related: How to run an IFTA report in MyGeotab - Video

New Excel Reporting for HOS Availability

To help fleets keep track of driver availability and prevent violations, HOS Availability has been added to the Excel reporting options.


New Diagnostic Codes Added

The below diagnostic codes have been added to support third party hardware:



User Interface (UI)

Audit Log Shows Report Scheduling and Delivery

The Audit Log now maintains a separate record for the sending and delivery of scheduled reports.


Minor Corrections to Japanese and French Language Translations


Did you miss the last What’s New post? Read it here: Geotab Software and Firmware Updates October - November 2016)

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