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The power of custom fleet management reporting

Last updated on March 8, 2023 in Productivity by Geotab |  1 minute read

A growing number of organizations have been turning to telematics and custom fleet management reporting to find vehicle cost savings.

Since the economic downturn, a growing number of organizations have been turning to telematics for vehicle cost savings. Fleets have the ability to extract an enormous amount of valuable data from their vehicles with the use of GPS fleet management technology. Helping to turn this vehicle data into information that is both measureable and actionable, the power of custom fleet management reporting has become increasingly evident as the quest for ROI continues.


Custom fleet management reporting typically involves the use of Microsoft Excel to add or remove columns and variables that best align with business objectives. Moreover, pivot tables allow for cross-tabulations and displays results in easy to view graphic reports. Below are some areas in which custom reporting can be applied:


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Fleet Productivity Reporting

Trip reports can easily be manipulated with an Excel report by using pivot tables. Report on how many customer stops drivers are taking or even how many personal stops to improve productivity.

Reporting Features:

  • Zone/Geofence type stop counts
  • Stop Times
  • Drive Times
  • After Hours Driving

Driver Risk & Safety Reporting

Having issues with your drivers getting in accidents? Report on how risky they are driving by using accelerometer data and creating rules based on sensitivity. Easily sort your data by the riskiest drivers by showing a snapshot graph over certain time periods.

Reporting Features:

  • Harsh Accelerations
  • Harsh Braking
  • Harsh Cornering
  • Speeding over Posted Road Limit
  • Device Tampering

Cost Savings with Customized Reports

Putting a price on idle times can get your company closer to your ROI. Determine the true bad idling vs. PTO idling to create cost savings score cards to curb idle times.

Reporting Features:

  • Take PTO Idling and subtract it from Total Idle time to get the true bad idling
  • Put a cost to the bad idle times
  • Sort by potential savings

Custom Trending Reporting

With trending reports, managers can now see how the fleet is doing week over week or even month over month. The power is out there, you just need to reach out and grab it.

Reporting Features:

  • Trend yearly
  • Trend monthly
  • Trend weekly

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