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London city skyline at night

CMS Networks London Limited: Reducing maintenance costs through fleet optimization

Published on February 20, 2018

London city skyline at night

The challenge: Reducing maintenance costs through fleet optimization

CMS, a trusted and long-standing logistics and supply chain organisation, provides international mail and courier distribution services as well as ecommerce solutions, a true one-stop shop for local and global customers. Established in 1968 and originally founded in New York City, CMS is now headquartered in London with secondary offices in Frankfurt and Paris.

With a fleet size totaling 29 vehicles and 60 drivers, CMS aims to provide quality service to its customers 100% of the time. Alongside this, the organisation monitors and operates its business in a sustainable yet profitable manner, setting targets to reduce negative environmental impacts, including the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

To help achieve this, CMS decided it needed a fleet monitoring system that measured vehicle and driver performance and looked to Geotab for innovative telematics technology that could improve fleet safety, productivity, and efficiency.

The solution: Geotab’s open platform solution and marketplace

CMS needed a comprehensive telematics solution that could support their corporate goals which included improving driver safety and vehicle performance, increasing fleet productivity, and reducing fuel and maintenance costs. The Geotab GO® device is a compact telematics device that attaches into a vehicle’s OBD II port and offers state-of-the-art GPS technology, g-force monitoring, IOXTM expandability, and engine and battery health assessments. The accompanying MyGeotabTM software allows fleet managers at CMS to view all vehicle and driver information on one platform from a desktop, laptop and smartphone or tablet with the MyGeotab app.

Meeting compliance regulations is accomplished with the user-friendly Geotab Drive app for CMS drivers. The all- in-one driver platform streamlines Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting and Driver Identification for CMS. Drivers can easily complete their vehicle inspections right from their tablet or smartphone.

CMS Motivates Drivers with Gamification App

CMS leveraged the Geotab Marketplace online solutions centre and opted to utilise the Driver Challenge Add-In which provides fleet managers with a new and exciting way to motivate drivers. Gamification has been gaining popularity among fleets as a way to help achieve greater productivity, safety, or other objectives.

The Driver Challenge turns repetitive driving into a fun and friendly competition with a driver leaderboard, badges and medals for improvement. Drivers are scored and compared on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). CMS can view and analyse trends in MyGeotab — identifying key areas of improvement and also highlighting drivers who deserve recognition for their great work. CMS used this Add-In with the initial goal of reducing fuel consumption, driving complaints, and decreasing accident frequency.

The results: A full view for zero casualties

Currently, CMS uses the Driver Challenge Add-In to monitor driver performance including speeding, harsh acceleration/deceleration, and seat belt usage. This monitoring has led to several improvements within the fleet, including achieving an extra 3.3 MPG on average for each of its vehicles.

The Driver Challenge has also fulfilled its goal by creating a friendly competition between the drivers. By pushing the drivers to outperform each other, CMS produced a notable reduction in driver speeding and vehicle abuse which was reflected by a decline in the number of speeding tickets received and less vehicle maintenance required.

CMS fleet managers ensure all 35 drivers are correctly utilising the Geotab Drive app to assign themselves a vehicle and complete daily vehicle checks. This creates greater transparency and allows CMS to monitor which driver is in each vehicle over different shift patterns. Additionally, Geotab Drive relays the information to the MyGeotab software in real-time, providing detailed reports on driver logs, remaining hours, and violation alerts.

As part of the ProPlus package, CMS can also view real-time updates on vehicle locations, increasing information accuracy. This improvement in visibility benefits both fleet managers and customers by providing a greater certainty on delivery arrival times, allowing for efficient daily scheduling — a major area of improvement for CMS.

CMS is now able to monitor and improve driver performance, fuel consumption, and vehicle health while reducing CO2 emissions and maintenance costs. In this way, CMS is advancing its business in both a cost-effective and environmentally conscious manner through management by measurement, while ensuring quality service for customers.

Sean McMullen, CMS Networks London Limited General Manager Operations said, “We have the ProPlus plan so we are able to see one second updates of vehicle location which is a godsend in Central London. Our previous solution updated every minute which meant the location on the map was not very accurate. We are now able to provide customers very accurate collection windows.”

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From the fleet manager

“Geotab has helped us to improve fleet performance and vehicle and driver safety as well as motivate our drivers and reduce our emissions. We’re very excited to continue to work alongside Geotab and continue to reap the benefits its technology provides.”

— Sean McMullen, General Manager Operations, CMS Networks London Limited

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CMS Networks London Limited



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Vans (Transit and Sprinter)

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