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Richelieu semi truck on a dark blue background

Richelieu: Improving customer service

Published on August 18, 2015

Richelieu semi truck on a dark blue background

The challenge: Improving  customer service

Benoit Chenier, the fleet manager of Richelieu Hardware in Ottawa, Ontario says that installing Geotab telematics has increased his company’s customer service — which, for Richelieu Hardware, is what it’s all about.

With two trucks in his fleet, one five-ton and one 18-wheeler, and two drivers, Chenier explains the company was experiencing a number of issues with deliveries. Customers were often asking when they could expect their deliveries, which was exacerbated by drivers getting lost without a GPS system, and not being able to track his drivers and see stop times for the vehicles. Finding solutions to these concerns is what brought the company to Geotab.

The solution

How telematics has helped

Installing telematics was the way Richelieu Hardware could achieve the level of customer service it wanted to provide. After four years with the system, Chenier says his customers are more satisfied with prompt deliveries. Not only is he able to track drivers at all times, but with improved stop-time information, he is also able to increase the company’s number of deliveries.

Chenier also says that if he ever has drivers filling in for employees on vacation, the built-in GPS makes it easy for them to navigate an unfamiliar route. Additionally, with the ability to direct drivers to the right place the first time, the company has saved on fuel and maintenance costs for the trucks.

The results

Geotab also benefited Richelieu in unexpected ways, Chenier points out. Certain features such as the International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) calculation, speed warnings and customer zoning were additional bonuses that he wasn’t anticipating, but have helped the company interact with clients better. By creating zones for each customer, Richelieu is able to quicken its response time from one place to another. Vehicle speed warnings also make drivers more aware of their driving — and customers appreciate that awareness.

“Not only are we able to track drivers at all times, but with improved stop-time information, we also are able to increase our amount of deliveries.” — Benoit Chenier, Fleet Manager

Chenier explains how simple it has been working with Geotab. With a smooth installation process and a local company who handles troubleshooting, he says problems are handled within a day or two, making issues easy to solve.



As for driver usage of the devices, Chenier says that the only difference for them is that now they have GPS fleet management to help guide them. And being able to communicate through the devices is extremely helpful as well. He notes that Geotab gets the job done, provides peace of mind and overall savings that will benefit the company.


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From the fleet manager

“ If you have ANY NUMBER of vehicles on the road, then I would highly recommend Geotab.” 

— Benoit Chenier, Fleet Manager

Client profile

Red and gray Richelieu logo

Client name:

Richelieu Hardware


Hardware distribution

Types of vehicles:

Five-ton and 18-wheeler

Fleet size:


Fleet focus:

Fleet OptimizationProductivityCompliance

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