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K&B Transportation: Improving uptime and driver communication with an integrated solution

Published on October 16, 2023

blue semi-truck

K&B Transportation has grown from 30 trucks in 1987 to approximately 675 trucks today, and they’ve seen the industry evolve along the way.


Through our telematics platform — and the expertise of Add-on systems — K&B’s world opened up to hundreds of solutions that could integrate with their existing systems and their partners’ systems. Now, K&B can:


  • Access valuable vehicle data 
  • Integrate multiple partners and systems as needed
  • Operate vehicles with less than 1% downtime
  • Communicate effectively with all their drivers
  • Improve safety visibility with real-time tracking


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Client profile

Client name:

K&B Transportation


Transportation & Logistics

Types of vehicles:

Class 8

Fleet size:


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