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Our OEM telematics solutions strengthens your ability to connect with fleets

Expand revenue streams and add services with connectivity and data capabilities for fleets.

Work with Geotab your way

Our partnership is flexible, secure and scalable. We can work together in a way that suits your needs and your strategy. 

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Take advantage of our telematics capabilities — from hardware to software — and supercharge your data services. 



  • Upsell your data streams to fleets for enhanced retention
  • Optimize the cost of adding connectivity to your vehicles 
  • Cross-sell to allied industries  
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Combine your device with our fleet management platform, powerful APIs, and high-quality data for intelligent mobility solutions. You’ll lower investment costs and gain a competitive advantage.



  • Supercharge your data analytics capability 
  • Empower fleets to accurately benchmark objectives
  • Help fleets make better decisions with predictive insights.
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Layer our firmware on your hardware for second-by-second data capabilities to supercharge product development.


  • Leverage our expertise to improve connected vehicle solutions
  • Use our expert firmware inside your bundled product
  • Reduce costs and accelerate products to market 
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Make our experience yours. Offer fleets our full capability to improve your customer service and help them better manage their fleet.



  • Enhanced customer service
  • Wider product and service offerings
  • Eliminate investment and development time

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For OEMs, finding the right connectivity partner is crucial — here’s why

Read how to get to market faster and reduce development costs with the right telematics partnership.


Open platform, third-party integration

Our secure, open platform integrates with hundreds of Marketplace ecosystem solutions. You can select a custom stack to reduce operational costs and create efficiency.

• Routing and dispatch tools
• Fuel management solutions
• Various camera options
• Custom reports and analytics
• Much, much more!
Explore our Marketplace solutions today
Custom Reports Marketplace

Capture every second

Our integration gives you instant access to second-by-second historical vehicle data for improved insights.
Easily expand data frequency and impress fleet customers with ever-evolving data services.

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What assets and hardware can you connect?

• Any make or model vehicle
• Electric vehicles and hybrids
• Powered and non-powered equipment
• Camera and video hardware
• Sensors
• Third-party hardware and more

OEM fleet resources

Discover how we can provide scalable insights for a better connected car experience — and how our secure solutions give you peace of mind.

Commonly asked questions

A connected vehicle is a vehicle equipped with mobile technology to connect it with external applications through the Internet. Using telematics devices or embedded technology, a vehicle can send data to a cloud service, where it can be processed and accessed by the vehicle owner or fleet manager. To learn more about connected vehicle technology, read our blog post.
There is no one focus for future connected vehicle technology, but it is likely that vehicles in the not-too-distant future will all be connected, transmitting data and "interacting" with the road and every other vehicle around them. One area of growing interest is self-driving vehicles, but even before then, connectivity will make roads safer by allowing vehicles to effectively avoid hazards and interact with their environment more intelligently.
Connected fleets bring multiple benefits to fleet managers and owners, including:

• Tracking factors that influence fleet productivity, such as idling time, driving time, customer visits or ignition locations.
• Detecting risky driving behavior such as harsh braking, speeding or sharp cornering.
• Accessing vehicle health data to minimize the risk of unexpected, and potentially dangerous, vehicle failure.
• Getting precise data on fuel usage and inefficient activities like idling in internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEs) or monitoring charge levels, range and battery degradation in EVs.
Geotab GO devices act as an IoT hub, extending Add-Ons, such as Bluetooth for asset tracking and tools, in-cab speakers to train drivers, barcode scanners, scales and digital keys.
Connected vehicle capabilities can be grouped into several categories:

• Telematics: Tracking vehicle location and activity, driver behavior, engine diagnostics. Organizations can monitor the performance of a large fleet from a single online platform.
• Vehicle to everything (V2X): interacting with any object in the vehicle's vicinity. This communication could be vehicle to vehicle (V2V), vehicle to pedestrian (V2P), vehicle to network (V2N) or vehicle to infrastructure (V2I).
• In-vehicle infotainment: interacting with vehicle occupants. This includes audio and video entertainment and navigation systems.

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