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Discover and manage all of your connected vehicle data in one secured and scalable data platform.

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Unlock the possibilities

Whether you have a brand new connected vehicle or a 10-year-old truck, you can connect to Geotab’s world-class fleet management application, MyGeotab. MyGeotab unlocks the ability to leverage other company’s services, solutions, Add-Ons and connectors through the Geotab Marketplace.

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Geotab’s telematics connection

If your vehicle does not already have a telematics connection or if your connection does not have sufficient capabilities, the Geotab GO device is simple to install, inexpensive and powerful. It offers the highest standards of data access and reliability; suitable for both those who are brand new to telematics and those who are looking to augment their current solution.

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GO device: an IoT hub

The GO device operates as a IoT hub, allowing expansion of more than 30 Add-Ons, such as Bluetooth for asset and tool tracking, in-cab speakers to coach drivers, barcode scanners, and weighing scales to name just a few.

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Any vehicle type, any fleet size, any mix

Geotab provides simple management of your fleet; whether your fleet consists of passenger vehicles, heavy duty trucks, yellow iron, specialized vehicles or any electric vehicle type - with fleet sizes from 1 to 100,000+. Geotab processes critical vehicle data relating to vehicle-servicing, potential problems (fault codes) and driver activity. In MyGeotab, this collected data offers world leading insights of where to improve your fleet.

Integrating Geotab; your hardware, software or factory-fit solution

If you have your own software and want to leverage connected vehicle data, consider Geotab’s fully-managed service through our Platform Partner solutions. Working with Geotab eliminates the headaches and hassles of integrating into multiple vehicle OEMs, signing contracts, provisioning, maintaining and updating APIs, and managing data security and normalization.

Geotab works closely with vehicle OEMs to bolster and improve your connected vehicle offerings. As well, the GO device data can be leveraged anywhere the OEM doesn't have an available connected vehicle option, or if an in-vehicle IoT hub is needed.

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Enterprise customers

If you are an advanced user, you will be pleased to know that Geotab is an open platform, providing tools that help your business grow. Your developers will have access to our Software Development Kit (SDK) and the Geotab Marketplace to integrate with MyGeotab.

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What is a connected vehicle?

Connected cars have opened up a world of possibilities for enhancing vehicle performance.

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