Solar powered asset tracker TT600 series by Flex Launches on the Geotab Marketplace

Published on March 7, 2019

Solution enables fleet managers to streamline and improve asset management process

Toronto, ON – March 7, 2019Geotab, the world’s leading connected vehicle company for smart city and fleets, today announced the availability of the solar powered asset tracker TT600 series by Flex on the Geotab Marketplace. Providing fleet managers with near real-time, detailed tracking information for assets such as trailers, containers and generators the solar powered asset tracker TT600 series is simple to install and provides visibility into the true utilization, dwell time, yard movements and yard entry and exit times of a fleet’s important assets.


The solar powered asset tracker TT600 series by Flex utilizes GPS-based tracking to provide insight into asset usage and location via the MyGeotab platform. By leveraging the collected data, fleet managers gain near real-time, accurate visibility to help combat issues surrounding underutilization, effective lot management, maintenance and misplaced assets.


Specifically engineered to withstand harsh conditions, the solar asset tracker’s ruggedized design, efficient solar cell, state-of-the-art cellular technology and long life-span enables a reliable and self-sustaining solution to provide fleet managers with greater visibility into their assets to better manage their business.


“At Flex, we are focused on creating products that are easy-to-use, reliable and that ultimately help businesses improve the way they work,” said Bjorn Kilburn, vice president, Design and Engineering at Flex. “By offering the solar powered asset tracker TT600 series on the Geotab Marketplace, we are providing Geotab’s over 40,000 customers with a tool that can help them improve the way they manage their trailers, containers and other important assets.”


With approximately 200,000 employees worldwide, Flex is a global leader in manufacturing and distribution. Providing solutions that help to catalyze innovation, Flex is committed to delivering smarter, more connected products in industries such as automotive, communications, digital health and more.


“We are excited to be able to offer the solar powered asset tracker TT600 series by Flex on the Geotab Marketplace,” added Joey Marlow, Executive Vice President of U.S. Operations at Geotab. “By helping our customers gain better visibility into their important assets both on the road and off, we are not only helping them increase productivity, but better manage their fleet.”


The solar powered asset tracker TT600 series by Flex is available on the Geotab Marketplace:

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