Geotab launches new GO8 LTE telematics device

Published on September 14, 2017

Geotab’s Latest Solution Puts Robust Speed and Compatibility to the Forefront to Bring Fleet Connectivity to the Next Decade

Toronto, ON – September 14, 2017 - Geotab, a pioneer in smart transportation and telematics technology, today announced the launch of the new GO8Ⓡ LTE fleet management device. The Geotab GO8 is the newest device in Geotab’s line of award-winning telematics solutions with the addition of LTE. Like its predecessor, the GO8 offers advanced GPS technology, G-force monitoring, Geotab IOX™ expandability, engine and battery health assessments, and in-vehicle audible driver coaching.

The latest GO8 device is designed for fleet management applications and provides customers with the most sophisticated end-to-end fleet management solution on an industry leading platform – providing great productivity enhancements, safety features and cost-savings to fleet customers. The additional speed of data movement with LTE connectivity, empowers the Connected Vehicle value of Geotab, making the solution usable well into the next decade. LTE further enables the real-time secure transmission of data from the vehicle to the cloud, and back to the vehicle where in-vehicle driver coaching rules are enabled.

“The speed, efficiency and connectivity of LTE offers fleet managers a telematics solution that they can depend on for years to come” said Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab. “With the increasing demand for more sensors in more vehicles, the launch of the GO8 LTE ensures that Geotab’s data continues to be highly reliable, accurate and a trusted source for smart city and connected vehicle planning. LTE is the technology of the future and is receiving very large scale investment by all carriers.”

As a commercial vehicle IoT data-analytics organization, Geotab currently records more data from fleet vehicle performance and vehicle business analysis than any other telematics company – more than 1.5 billion data points daily from its connected vehicles collectively. Each data point is processed as they are received in the MyGeotab cloud-based software against pre-configured rules and notifications set by the customer. This data analysis has provided further insights into traffic patterns and commercial fleet activity, including the impact of both hurricanes Harvey and Irma on vehicle fleet activity, as well as benchmarking fuel economy by state for trucks.

Truck business users continue to adopt new Geotab Drive features, such as hosting data for truck driver hours of service (Cloud ELD), which pairs the vehicle with Geotab’s cloud-based, real-time MyGeotab software. Geotab’s Cloud ELD enables more customer flexibility and choice surrounding with smart devices they want to use or upgrade to in the future.
Mobile devices are becoming increasingly disposable in their design, but the recording, pairing, and real-time interaction and analytics of data is further enhanced with LTE robust speed and expected longevity.

“As a global provider of open IoT fleet management solutions, we are thrilled to partner with national and international carriers to advance the next generation of Geotab’s GPS vehicle tracking devices,” said Cawse. “The GO8 will offer our customers the advanced connectivity and longevity provided by LTE-enabled telematics.”


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