Geotab data shows fuel efficient trucking is within reach

Published on September 24, 2017

Commercial Truck Drivers Achieve 10.1 Miles Per Gallon During Run on Less Campaign

Toronto, ON - September 24, 2017 - Geotab, a pioneer in smart transportation and telematics technology, along with the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) and Carbon War Room, announced today the results of Run on Less, the first-of-its kind cross country roadshow to showcase advancements in fuel efficiency. The Run on Less campaign followed seven Class 8 trucks equipped with Geotab GO devices over a three-week period as they successfully demonstrated that technology and best driving practices can achieve 10+ MPG.


Participating fleets featuring an all-star team of truck drivers for Run on Less were outfitted with Geotab GO devices prior to their departure and given access to the MyGeotab fleet management platform. Geotab data was utilized to share accurate and frequent updates on the drivers’ location, fuel, engine load, speed, acceleration and RPM. This information was then used to help determine fuel usage and the gross combined weight rating.


“Geotab is proud to support the efforts of NACFE and Carbon War Room as they work with top fleets to improve fuel efficiency,” says Colin Sutherland, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Geotab. “By providing the fleets of Run on Less with Geotab devices, we are also able to showcase the same technology platform that will be used for the upcoming ELD mandate, which can drive fuel savings solutions.”


The goal of Run Less was to demonstrate how technology and best driving practices can help achieve 9 MPG or more. After three weeks and 50,107 miles driven, the participating fleets saved $7,193 and 2,877 gallons, and achieved an outstanding 10.1 MPG.


Geotab gathered data over a one-year span from over 31,000 Class 7 and Class 8 trucks of different age and load size to determine the average fuel economy of heavy-trucks in the United States in Canada. The results, depicted with this heat map, show an average miles per gallon range between 4.51 MPG and 6.37 MPG. Acting as a benchmark to help trucking fleets in their efforts to improve fuel efficiency, the data highlights that there is room for improvement when it comes to fuel economy performance. The results of Run on Less confirms that this improvement is both realistic and achievable.


“These seven trucks and drivers very accurately mimic the industry at large and we believe they have shown the industry various roadmaps to 10+ MPG.  Other fleets, manufacturers, industry groups should now pay attention to the future they have given us insight to – adopt technologies, train drivers and collect data to improve operations, all keys to this performance”  Mike Roeth, Executive Director NACFE and Trucking Lead for CWR.


“The trucking industry will be transformed by the ELD mandate and Geotab technology is demonstrating that we can record real fuel savings that can pay for a fleet’s ELD investment,” says Colin Sutherland.


The North American Council for Freight Efficiency is dedicated to doubling the efficiency of North American goods movement. We pursue this goal in two ways: By improving the quality of the information flow and by highlighting successful adoption of technologies.

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Since its founding in 2009 as a global nonprofit by Sir Richard Branson and a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, Carbon War Room’s purpose has been to accelerate the adoption of business solutions that reduce carbon emissions at gigaton scale and advance the low-carbon economy. In 2014, Carbon War Room merged with Rocky Mountain Institute, and RMI continues to use the Carbon War Room brand in many markets given its exceptional reputation.

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