Geotab and Wyzelink maximize field worker productivity

Published on August 14, 2017

Internet of Things Sensors and Workflow Automation Convert Worksite Data into Actionable Insights for Geotab Marketplace Customers

Toronto, ON - August 14, 2017 - Geotab today announced that Wyzelink Systems’ IoT workflow-automation application, WyzeTask, is now available in the Geotab Marketplace. WyzeTask is the newest application in the Marketplace and is a complement to the MyGeotab platform.

WyzeTask maximizes employee productivity by automating task tracking and job completion processes, freeing workers from paperwork and manual data entry. Automation also maximizes record accuracy by avoiding the errors that come with manual entry.

The WyzeTask solution includes the WyzeBeaconTM, a wearable device that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to transmit data to a nearby BLE scanner, which can be a Geotab IOX-BT hub or a smartphone/tablet running the WyzeTask application. Employees simply click a button on their WyzeBeacon to have it log and share information such as their task status, time and GPS location.

Designed for field workers in public works, construction and manufacturing, WyzeTask leverages Geotab’s IOX-BT hub to reliably transmit data even when they’re away from their smartphone or IOX-BT-enabled vehicle. WyzeTask includes an easy-to-navigate Geotab web Add-in with an interactive map that allows administrators to view task progress and other key information. A mobile app also lets supervisors assign and change worker’s tasks from the job site or remotely.

“Wyzelink creates intelligent solutions for workforces outside of a typical office building with wireless IoT technology, smart sensors and wireless applications,” said Brian Barry, Wyzelink Systems CEO. “By closely tracking workforce tasks, businesses can cut through the tedious paperwork process and focus on core responsibilities while improving efficiency, productivity and workplace safety.”

“The addition of Wyzelink provides increased IoT capability as we continue to create an impressively connected ecosystem for Geotab’s Marketplace customers,” said Joey Marlow, Geotab Executive Vice President of U.S. Operations. “Through Geotab’s IOX Bluetooth hub, telematics tracking and data collected from WyzeTask, management now has the ability to collect and analyze workforce data to deliver business intelligence.”

The Geotab Marketplace provides an extensive ecosystem of valuable business focused applications and Add-Ons, helping customers add value to their Geotab fleet management solution. Launched in 2015 as a complement to the MyGeotab platform, the Marketplace is currently used by more than 14,000 Geotab customers.

About Wyzelink

Wyzelink is a SaaS based process and workflow automation platform for the construction, logistics, and manufacturing industries. We offer game changing technology that automates manual processes and workflows, and provides insights to make businesses more efficient, productive and safe.
We combine wireless sensors with machine learning and big data analytics to make sense of the vast amounts of data available on any given work site. This automates timesheets, job costing as well as optimizes the utilization of tools and equipment. These smart devices can also improve on-site safety, with advanced sensors for fall detection, panic button and collision avoidance.About Wyzelink

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