Three new partners join the Geotab Marketplace

Published on June 6, 2018

Solutions to be on display at GEOTAB CONNECT 2018

Toronto, ON - June 6 2018 - Geotab, an award-winning leader in telematics technology, today announced the availability of three new partner solutions on the Geotab Marketplace. Launching in time for Geotab’s CONNECT conference, solutions from Digital Matter, Optimum Fleet Health and MOVON join a growing portfolio of mobile apps, software Add-Ins and hardware Add-Ons that enable Geotab customers to customize their fleet management.

Ranging from asset tracking to predictive maintenance and collision avoidance technology, the newest additions to the Geotab Marketplace will be three of over 65 solutions on display at the GEOTAB CONNECT conference. Solutions from Digital Matter, Optimum Fleet Health and MOVON provide businesses with tools to help increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve driver safety.

Digital Matter

Remora and Oyster from Digital Matter are long-lasting, battery-powered asset tracking devices designed to provide cellular GPS tracking for non-powered exposed assets such as trailers, shipping containers, construction equipment and more. Seamlessly integrating with a user’s MyGeotab platform, the small but rugged asset trackers provide fleet managers with detailed information surrounding current history, location history, geofence based alerting and more. Maintaining function in extreme weather conditions, Remora and Oyster by Digital Matter are designed to the IP67 standard (international standard for protection against intrusion of solids, dust, contact, and water).

“Since 2011, Digital Matter has been providing customers with highly durable GPS tracking devices to help them better manage their assets,” said Matt Hofmeyr, VP Sales Americas for Digital Matter. “We are excited to join the Geotab Marketplace and showcase our world-leading solution to the over 26,000 customers leveraging Geotab’s telematics solution to optimize their vehicles, and their business.”

Optimum Fleet Health

Optimum Fleet Health’s VRx solution enables businesses to better manage their fleets through predictive maintenance. Helping to reduce downtime and costly disruptions to productivity, VRx identifies and alerts fleet managers to emerging and potentially unforeseen issues with their vehicles. Through weekly or real-time predictive reports, Optimum’s VRx solution utilizes fault-code centered predictive analytics to identify potential problems and alert managers so that preventative steps can be taken before vehicle failure.
“VRx is like getting a fleet maintenance prescription from a doctor,” said Bob Moran, CEO, Optimum Fleet Health. “By predicting time to system failure up to four weeks in advance, VRx helps businesses Drive Uptime. We look forward to having the opportunity to help Geotab customers reduce unplanned downtime and are excited to display our solution at GEOTAB CONNECT.”


Helping to improve driver behavior and safety, MOVON’s Driver Assistance System (MDAS) is a user-friendly, all-in-one advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) with an embedded dashcam feature. Affordable and easy to use, MDAS provides fleet managers with greater visibility into driver behavior and helps to prevent accidents through the solution’s built-in ADAS features and notifications. With the included benefits of MDAS’ Forward Warning Collision System (FCW), Time-to-Collision alerts and Lane Departure Warnings (LDW), MOVON’s Driver Assistance System leverages real-time data and dashcam footage to help improve safety on the road.

“MOVON’s Driver Assistance System is accelerating our mission towards a safer world,” said Dominic So, General Manager, MOVON. “Bringing our dynamic solution to the Geotab Marketplace will help connect us with more businesses and more fleets to help them improve driver safety while catalyzing our vision further.”

Visit the Geotab Marketplace to learn more about Digital Matter, Optimum Fleet Health and MOVON.

About Digital Matter

Digital Matter manufacturers a range of battery powered asset tracking devices. The unique combination of excellent battery life, IP67 rated toughness, and 3G connectivity open up new market verticals for tracking and asset management. The seamless integration with MyGeotab provides asset managers a rich interface for current location, location history, geo-fence based alerting, and much more. Depending on device setup and battery selection, 3-5 year battery life is obtainable. The devices are completely wireless. Learn more at

About Optimum Fleet Health

Optimum Fleet Health is a leader in predictive and prescriptive maintenance analytics for diesel powered fleets. Optimum’s mission is to help clients improve the overall safety, efficiency and functionality of fleet assets by focusing on helping fleets realize dramatic cost reductions and operational disruption from unplanned maintenance activities. Simply put: “Optimum Drives Uptime” by anticipating breakdowns weeks in advance. Visit for more information.


MOVON is one of the leading ADAS companies globally. With their own algorithm, MOVON is expanding market share with excellence in areas such as unique DVR features, easy installation and customer support. MOVON’s ADAS system is deployed globally and approved by many government authorities, OEM car manufacturers and large fleet companies. Established in 1998, MOVON, also provides testing and certification services to automotive companies and also supplies wireless solutions. To learn more, please visit


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