Bogota Traffic Jam: Colin Sutherland Video Diary

Published on September 7, 2016 in Productivity by Colin Sutherland |  1 minute read

Colin Sutherland sends a video postcard from Bogota, Colombia, where a traffic jam can cause big headaches for drivers and businesses.

Last week, I was in Bogota, visiting a new client in the cement mixing industry. Holcim’s plant is the largest in Colombia. I had an opportunity to tour their phenomenal facilities and see first-hand how business is booming in Latin America.


Bogota is a growing city with lots of energy. It also has a lot of traffic. Traffic congestion is big concern for businesses. Research shows that around the world, traffic congestion is a huge drain on the economy — into the billions — in terms of lost productivity, pollution, and increased transport costs and prices.


As a producer of ready-mix materials, time is of the essence for Holcim. They’ve got to deliver product from the plant out to the job site quickly and efficiently. Like any other company delivering a product or providing a service, the response needs to be predictable. This is where telematics can help.


I want to congratulate Holcim on their impressive operations. I’m really looking forward to seeing great results in the region, with new technology and data-driven solutions.


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