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New Commercial Fleet Telematics Videos Now on YouTube

commercial fleet telematics videos

This week, we uploaded several videos to our YouTube account. If you haven’t seen them yet, we have posted the videos below. You can play them, share them, and even embed them onto your own website.

Go to our Geotab YouTube Channel now.

To embed them, simply click the “Share” button under the video, then the “Embed” button that displays next. From there, simply copy the code and paste it right into the backend portion of your website.

It’s a great way to educate your employees and customers of what you’re doing as a company to stay proactive with telematics, such as working towards enhancing driver safety. Also, take a quick moment to listen to our VP of Sales at Geotab, Colin Sutherland, talk about what Geotab is doing as a key player in telematics today. Enjoy!

Fleet Optimization

Measuring the return that your vehicles provide for your business is a key component of successful fleet management, and there’s no better way to measure performance than choosing a partner who’s an industry leader in fleet optimization.

Driver Safety

For fleets staying safe means more than reducing personal injury and vehicle damage. It’s essential to choose a partner who understands that safety behind the wheel means an improvement in fuel economy, company reputation and clean motor vehicle licenses for your drivers.

Fleet Compliance

When it comes to technology and staying compliant with regulations set forth by the FMCSA, and also properly tracking miles by state or province for fuel tax purposes… is essential to choose a partner to grow with.

About Geotab Telematics

Geotab’s Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Colin Sutherland on Business News Network (BNN) HEADLINE News talking telematics.

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