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Customers Connecting Beyond Telematics

Geotab Connect Fleet Management
Author: John Day, Product Manager

Connecting Customers to actionable information has always been at the heart of Geotab reseller support.

Geotab invests heavily in the development of information gathering devices and software to incorporate best practices in safety, fleet, productivity, and compliance management.
MyGeotab software includes event, dashboard, and report management for business.

To support your business objectives beyond 2020, this means extending the value of the data beyond MyGeotab and incorporating it into CRM, dispatch, accounting, training, maintenance and other back office software that makes businesses run.

This September, Geotab is enabling our Partners and our Customers to join our annual GEOTAB CONNECT conference. The conference in 2015 has two main themes: Customer Experience and extending MyGeotab with a Solution Partner Marketplace.

Geotab is focused on making complex technology simple to consume for customers. Breakout sessions will focus on customer experience tools to make telematics simple to implement and maintain. Included are roundtable discussions exploring case studies and ROI tools with other customers.

The second theme focus connects customers with new Add-ins, Add-ons, and explains their business case value. Attendees will have hands-on experience with IOXs peripherals and over 50 Solution Partner Add-in applications. Customers can directly explain their diverse business objectives to Solution Partners. Discover new opportunities to connect to MyGeotab data than you might have imagined was possible.

Customers who register by June 30 will be offered the capability to have a professional services consultation on the future integration with the Customer’s existing back office software platforms.

For dates and details of the agenda and to register, email connect@geotab.com or tweet us your questions using the hashtag #GeotabConnect.

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