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5 ways driver-centric fleet performance management can drive profitability

Last updated on August 23, 2022 in Marketplace by Geotab Team |  2 minute read

Learn what driver-centric fleet performance management is and how it can help trucking companies increase profitability.

Pulling ahead in today’s trucking industry takes a lot more than horsepower. It takes maximizing fuel efficiency, safety and driver retention. That means that a fleet’s success or failure can depend on its drivers. Therein lies the problem. Some trucking companies don’t have the time or tools to engage and motivate their drivers to be safer and more efficient on the road. It is also difficult to attract and retain the right talent.

The challenges for drivers and managers

Here are a few challenges that both drivers and managers may face when it comes to fleet management:

  • Driver engagement: As much as trucking companies try to engage with their drivers, it can be a challenge to interact frequently with each driver in the fleet.
  • Coaching: Driver coaching requires that the coach be in the cab with the driver, which can be tough to schedule with a large fleet and limited coaches.
  • Feedback timing: Drivers need timely feedback to make adjustments and improve their performance, but some technology may not allow such prompt updates.
  • Performance assessments: Measuring drivers’ performance should take into account factors that are out of their control, like weather, terrain or traffic.
  • Building trust: It takes time and effort for managers and drivers to gain each other’s trust.

So, how can the industry turn it around? By putting drivers first with a driver-centric approach to fleet performance management.

What is driver-centric fleet performance management?

In a driver-centric approach to fleet performance management, companies help drivers perform at a higher level by focusing on their drivers’ individual needs and driving conditions. This requires companies to build trust with drivers and show them that they are part of the team. They also need to equip and empower drivers to improve with accurate, relevant data, timely feedback and personalized coaching when and where they need it. 


With automated mobile technology, driver-centric fleet performance management is fully automated and incredibly cost effective. These cutting edge driver-centric solutions engage drivers with daily, weekly and monthly performance reports, and positive, personalized coaching and feedback. Plus, they can be seamlessly integrated with existing telematics systems and Android mobile devices.

Linkdrive In-cab realtime

The top five benefits of becoming driver-centric:

  1. Increased fuel efficiency  
    One of the biggest expenses for trucking fleets is their fuel costs. With automated live coaching and access to accurate real-time driving performance data, fleets are seeing remarkable gains in fuel efficiency as well as significantly lower emissions.
  2. Improved driver safety 
    Automated driver-centric coaching lets drivers know when they are driving harshly and coaches them on how to avoid it in the future. This leads to significantly less harsh accelerations and decelerations and, most importantly, fewer accidents fleet-wide.
  3. Personalized driver engagement and coaching
    Every driver is unique and has particular strengths and needs. Today’s smart mobile technology allows companies to connect with drivers on an individual level. Providing personalized daily, weekly and monthly engagements keeps each driver motivated and informed of what they need to work on and how best to improve.
  4.  Builds organizational culture and trust 
    New automated driver-centric fleet management systems aggregate, clean and normalize data from multiple sources. They also take performance factors that are beyond a driver’s control into account, like weather, terrain and traffic. This provides drivers with more accurate and fair performance assessments and feedback. When combined with frequent engagement, coaching and motivation, these solutions build ongoing trust between management and their drivers.
  5. Increased driver retention
    Improved transparency, accurate and timely feedback, driver-centric engagements and positive, personalized coaching improve driver morale and increase job satisfaction. This leads to more drivers choosing to stay with their company, which lowers recruiting and training costs.


When it comes to optimizing driver performance, increasing efficiency and maximizing profitability, taking a driver-centric approach to fleet performance management is the easiest and most cost effective solution. It allows you to consistently engage and coach every driver in your fleet, increase morale, build trust and lower costs without straining operations teams.

About LinkeDrive:

LinkeDrive, Inc was established to help fleets large and small reach greater profitability in their operations, starting with their drivers. LinkeDrive’s revolutionary, driver-centric approach to Driver and Fleet Management makes engaging, coaching and motivating drivers easier and more effective than ever before. By combining cutting-edge cloud-based technology with Nobel-Prize winning behavioral science and business intelligence, LinkeDrive’s tools help fleets haul smarter, empower drivers to live and work at their full potential, and enable trucking companies to safely, sustainably and profitably keep the world moving forward. Visit LinkeDrive on the Geotab Marketplace.

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