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Geotab hurricane assistance for fleets

Last updated on April 18, 2023 in Driver Safety by Stephanie Voelker |  1 minute read

Geotab is offering hurricane assistance for affected fleets. Learn more about the assistance program and how to submit requests for support.

The devastation of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma has affected fleets across the Gulf Coast, Southeastern U.S. and the Caribbean and will continue to do so for a long time. As the recovery gets underway, a unified effort is needed to support these businesses in rebuilding.


Geotab is committed to assisting our fleets during the Hurricane recovery process by offering replacement Geotab GO device hardware and providing service fee credits.


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Geotab offers hardware replacement and suspended fees for hurricane-affected fleets

In general, the Geotab warranty does not cover devices for water intrusion. However, to help our fleets get back on the road, Geotab will replace GO devices damaged by flooding in affected areas. This also applies to devices that are out of warranty.


Geotab is also temporarily suspending monthly fees for Geotab GO devices in affected areas. Any devices on Suspend Plan in affected areas will be on a no-charge plan for up to three months. This will allow fleets the opportunity to focus on recovery efforts without incurring costs while their fleet is out of commission. Normal pro-rating rules apply.

Safety information

Q: Can I reuse my harness?

A: If a harness is wet or damaged and then is used with a “Good” GO device it may cause issues. Geotab strongly suggests that the fleets replace all harnesses that have been soaked.


For any GO device installation, please read and follow all safety information, instructions and warnings to prevent serious injury and/or vehicle damage. For more details, see the Geotab GO7 device install insert.

Learn more — Contact details

For information on these programs, fleets should contact their Geotab Authorized Resellers. Resellers can obtain details on submitting requests for hardware replacement or fee suspension due to hurricane damage by contacting their Geotab Account Manager.


Geotab data shows impact of Hurricane Harvey on driving and commercial fleet activity

Geotab data shows massive increase in fleet activity as Florida prepares for Hurricane Irma

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