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In the Driver’s Seat: Mike Branch’s Insights from Geotab’s State of Commercial Transportation Report

Last updated on May 9, 2024 in Data and Analytics by Mike Branch |  1 minute read

Data insights are improving safety outcomes for organizations and people. Fleets using Geotab’s safety features have shown a 40% reduction in collision rates.

2023 was a transformative year in commercial transportation, with remarkable advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI), data intelligence, safety measures, and fleet maintenance. This unfolded against a backdrop of rising fuel costs, regulatory requirements, and global economic uncertainty. Geotab’s latest report, “In the Driver’s Seat: Accelerating ROI Through Trusted Data Insights” Geotab’s second commercial transportation report peels back the layers of ever-evolving fleet operations to highlight key trends, challenges, and untapped potential.


AI and Data Intelligence: Driving Change 

In response to mounting pressure to optimize operations, ensure safety, reduce costs, and with the rise of GenAI, the spotlight is brightly shining on AI models powered by trusted data intelligence. With GenAI leading the charge, these cutting-edge tools are indispensable, especially in crafting sustainable fleet strategies. Fuel efficiency, optimized routes, and seamless integration of EVs are all powered by reliable data insights.


Key Findings: The Good Stuff

Our report shares some incredible insights for example, an expanded use of Geotab’s safety features could have averted an estimated additional 3,500 collisions. Here are a few more findings from the report:

  • Fleets using Geotab’s safety features have shown a 40% reduction in collision rates. If we zoom in on the hotspots: 
    • Brazil, Italy, and Spain experienced the most significant rise in miles driven before a collision, suggesting increased use of safety measures.
    • On the flip side, Germany, Portugal, the UK, and the US saw a decrease in miles driven prior to collision, suggesting a need for an increased focus on safety measures.
  • Rising vehicle ages highlight predictive maintenance’s role in operational safety and efficiency.
  • Sustainability initiatives that cut fuel consumption are critical as fuel costs hit 60% of total fleet operating costs.
    • Canada and the United States have shown successful reductions in idling times, with decreases of 5.73% and 3.75% respectively.
    • Germany, the United Kingdom, and Mexico experienced a rise in idling time over the same period, indicating an opportunity to further optimize sustainability.
  • In 2023, EV adoption surged globally: 
    • Strong growth in South Africa (796%); Peru (289%); and Mexico (248%) indicates momentum toward EV adoption in these regions.


Roadmapping Success

What does a roadmap to success look like in this ever-changing world of transportation?

  • Data is king: Invest in top-notch AI integration and data quality to extract those golden nuggets of insights.
  • Productivity on hyperdrive: Maximize fleet efficiency by fine-tuning daily trips, drive times, and trip-to-hour ratios.
  • Predictive maintenance wins: Stay ahead of the curve with proactive maintenance strategies – your wallet will thank you.
  • Safety first, always: Embrace available safety features to keep those collision rates in check.
  • Green is the new gold: Sustainability is non-negotiable. Let data be your guide in slashing fuel consumption and emissions.
  • ‘EVolution’ is key: Get ahead of the curve by crafting foolproof strategies for embracing EVs.

In a world where connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicles reign supreme, Geotab's report shines as a guide. Drawing from insights gathered from over 4 million connected commercial vehicles, and 75 billion data points processed daily, Geotab is helping organizations and partners navigate the evolving commercial transportation landscape while embracing sustainable practices.

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