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Geotab’s 9-Pin T-Harness Heavy-Duty Tracking Device

How to Install Geotab's 9-Pin T-Harness Heavy Duty Fleet Tracking Device

Watch our YouTube install video for quick and easy instructions on installing the Geotab fleet tracking device safely and securely with a 9-Pin T-Harness. The specific harness required for your vehicle depends on which port connection in your vehicle. Follow the steps in this video to ensure your fleet management device has been properly installed.

If you are unsure about the connector your vehicle has or what harness you need, please contact your Authorized Geotab Reseller for further assistance.

Note: For important safety information and limitations of use, please read the complete instructions, which can be found on the Geotab Installation Documentation page.

Become a Certified Geotab Installer! Contact installcert@geotab.com.

How to Install Geotab’s 9-Pin T-Harness Heavy-Duty Fleet Tracking Device (Video Transcription)

9-Pin T-Harness installation.

  1. Locate the diagnostic port usually found under the dashboard on the driver’s side. With a screwdriver, remove the screws from the port to release the port from the plate. With one end of the 9-Pin T-Harness, connect to the diagnostic port that has just been removed. Zip tie the connection to make it secure.
  2. Connect the GO device to the 16-pin end of the harness tightly. You will hear six beeps along with a momentary flash from the red, blue, and green LEDs.
  3. [With the vehicle parked outdoors to locate satellites and vent exhaust fumes], turn on the ignition. The device will beep as each one of the LEDs lights up. Red indicates ignition detection, green indicates cell connection, and blue indicates GPS latch. Wait for all three LEDs to come on.
  4. Secure the GO device to the harness with a zip tie. Coil the harness and the GO device and zip tie up under the dash to a permanent location. To ensure quality of data, the device must not move in any way under the dash.
  5. Next, take the remaining end of the 9-Pin harness and place in the original port location and screw in place. The installation is complete.

To ensure the device is communicating, go to install.geotab.com and enter the device serial number.

installation geotab vehicle tracking device

The Geotab GO7 Plug & Play Vehicle Tracking Device and fleet management platform deliver high quality vehicle data capture with powerful expansion capabilities, such as in-vehicle driver coaching, and accident detection and notification.

Learn more about Geotab’s fleet management solutions at www.geotab.com.

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