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How to install a Geotab GO vehicle tracking device

How to install a Geotab GO vehicle tracking device
Author: Cary Carter, Training Manager

Geotab’s GO series vehicle tracking devices are designed to make the installation process easier. Device installation is often straightforward. This article will explain the four basic steps of the installation. Watch our YouTube install video below to see an installation in action.

Note: For important safety information and limitations of use, please read the complete instructions, which can be found on the Geotab Installation Documentation page.

Become a Certified Geotab Installer! Contact: installcert@geotab.com.

How to install a Geotab GO device (video transcription)

Installation directly in the OBD II port.

  1. Locate the diagnostic port usually found under the dashboard on the driver’s side. Insert the zip tie around the port to later secure the device.
  2. Connect the GO device to the port. Push to ensure the connection is tight. You will hear six beeps and all three lights on the device will flash briefly.
  3. Secure the device in place with a zip tie.
  4. With the vehicle parked outdoors to locate satellites and vent exhaust fumes], turn on the ignition. The device will beep as each one of the LEDs lights up. Green indicates cell connection, red indicates ignition detection, and blue indicates GPS latch. Wait for all three LEDs to come on. The installation is complete.

To ensure the device is communicating, go to install.geotab.com and enter the device serial number.

installation geotab vehicle tracking device

The Geotab GO vehicle tracking device and fleet management platform deliver high quality vehicle data capture with powerful expansion capabilities, such as in-vehicle driver coaching, and collision detection and notification.

Learn more about the Geotab GO9 at geotab.com.


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  • Posted July 11, 2018 at 4:58 am | Permalink

    I bought truck and I found geotab go5 on it the serial number is g5-742-0c8-d04c I great new account I’m trying to install with numbers they said already exists what I should do ?…. or how I can reset the geotab if I have to talk with owner how a can reach him whichever I’m in new york I bought the truck from the Auction in New Jersey please help me guys .. thanks

    • Posted October 15, 2018 at 11:12 am | Permalink

      This is a proprietary device with the original owner of the vehicle and it can’t be changed, however, if you would like to find out more about Geotab and how it can help you run your fleet, we can connect you with an authorized re-seller.

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