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Predictive Maintenance: Using Big Data to Generate Cost Savings

When you get sick, your symptoms tell you something is wrong — headache, nausea, weakness or trouble concentrating. Like a truck or bus driver seeing a dash-light, that’s when you become consciously aware of a problem. When the illness gets really bad, you’re out of commission. Imagine how great it would be to be under

Disaster Planning for Fleets

Three miles in one minute. That’s how fast the Carr Fire flames in Northern California were said to be travelling at one point as firefighters rushed to evacuate people and animals. Fire agencies made a public statement that they were no longer prioritizing saving structures but just getting people out — and fast. These were

Two-Step Risky Driving Action Plan for Fleets

Do you know how your fleet drivers actually perform while on the road? Wouldn’t you like to know? After all, risky driving is estimated to cause or contribute to 40% of crashes, according to the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). In this blog post, we’ll cover just what risky driving is and describe

Is Your Mobile Workforce Capturing Enough Critical Information in the Field?

If you use Geotab for fleet management and vehicle tracking, then you already know how convenient it is to have instant information just a click away. Imagine how much your business could improve if your technology extended beyond the vehicle to capture task-critical information and assist your employees in performing their jobs more effectively. A

Top 12 Most Popular Geotab Marketplace Solutions for Latin America

Geotab is much more than GPS tracking. With the Geotab Marketplace of telematics Add-Ons, software Add-Ins, mobile apps and more, fleets can customize Geotab to their specific business needs. To highlight some of these great options, we compiled a list of the top 12 most popular solutions on the Geotab Marketplace available in Latin America

The Benefits of SaaS for Trucking Companies with a Long-Term View

Software as a Service (SaaS) is an on-demand software using cloud storage. Examples of SaaS you may already use include Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, Amazon web services and Dropbox. These programs work by providing a cloud-based solution for data and software. What are the benefits of SaaS?  Companies use SaaS in order to

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