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Motivate Drivers to the Next Level with Fleet Gamification

Companies from all different industries are adopting gamification to market products, promote social causes, and motivate employees. Research and Markets forecasts that the global gamification market will grow by more than 48% by 2019. Even fleets are taking advantage of this tool to boost their productivity and improve driving behavior. But, it is right for

Do Driver Scorecards Work?

Driver safety is an important priority for fleets, no matter the fleet size or type. Year after year, safety appears on the list of top fleet challenges. How can fleet managers tackle this issue and improve driver safety and performance? Driver scorecards are one solution. In this article, we’ll discuss driver scorecards and their effectiveness.

12 Smart ELD Reports to Help Avoid Hours of Service Violations and Improve Compliance

Staying up to date on all your drivers and trucks is a must for Hours of Service (HOS) compliance. With all the other challenges that carriers face these days, HOS violations are something they just don’t need. One way to track the data and eliminate the headaches is through ELD reporting.    Geotab has released

Waste and Recycling Fleets Lead the Way in Smart Use of IoT

Technology is front and center for fleets in the waste management industry. Waste and recycling fleets are leading the way in showing how the Internet of Things (IoT) can be leveraged for real world benefits. Connected waste collection vehicles are becoming an important step in achieving targets for sustainability and fleet optimization. Broadly speaking, the

How Automotive IoT Is Disrupting the Leasing and Car Rental Industries

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is simple: objects are connected to the Internet so they can send information from sensors or receive commands to perform certain actions. IoT devices, or connected things, make it possible to collect the big data that leads to better insight into business systems. Gartner predicts that there

Mobileye Review — Collision Avoidance Technology for Fleet Safety

Mobileye has been making news as a player in the autonomous vehicle market. The company has partnered with BMW and Intel to develop a self-driving car, ready for purchase in 2021. At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Mobileye and Delphi provided a demonstration of autonomous driving technology in a 6.3-mile test drive on Las Vegas

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