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Guide to Geotab IOX Add-Ons

If you are looking for a way to get more from your telematics, IOX expanders are a great option. Through Geotab IOX® Add-Ons, businesses can extend their fleet tracking capabilities and get more value from their telematics solution. What Is IOX Expansion? IOX Expansion Technology makes it possible to connect additional hardware to the Geotab

Fleet Roadside Assistance Comparison: Which Is Best?

These are the scenarios that every fleet manager dreads — a vehicle runs out of gas, gets a flat tire, or the battery dies. Having a car or truck out of service for any amount of time quickly takes a toll on productivity and profits. To help deal with these vehicle breakdowns, businesses have many

Route Optimization: Plan Deliveries Better with Traffic Modeling

The best way to effectively plan delivery is to use a planning tool that does it for you. Such a tool must be flexible enough so that the delivery planner can include all of its delivery constraints such as truck capacity, multiple time windows, etc. In addition, the tool must be accurate enough so chances

3 Powerful Examples of Telematics System Integration for Truck Fleets

Disruption in the trucking industry was a key theme that emerged at the recent North American Commercial Vehicle Show. One of the ways that carriers are responding to industry change is through connected vehicle solutions. At the conference, the CEO of Navistar International Corp., Persio Lisboa, shared how the company leverages data (millions of miles

Drowsy Driving – It’s Time to Wake Up

In 2016, America had its most dangerous year for driving in nearly a decade. Not only did we see a jump of 5% over 2015, but we also had a 14% jump from 2014, the largest we’ve seen in more than 5 years. And while we’re regularly warned about the risks of drunk or distracted

Motivate Drivers to the Next Level with Fleet Gamification

Companies from all different industries are adopting gamification to market products, promote social causes, and motivate employees. Research and Markets forecasts that the global gamification market will grow by more than 48% by 2019. Even fleets are taking advantage of this tool to boost their productivity and improve driving behavior. But, it is right for

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