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Tech spotlight: Bluetooth Low Energy with telematics

Bluetooth Low Energy, different from Bluetooth classic, is used to track assets to help you manage and optimize your business.

Cutting maintenance costs on trailers with dynamic asset tracking

Learn how switching from preventative to predictive maintenance can help with cutting maintenance costs on trailers with the help of Flex’s TT600 series solar powered asset tracker.

Winter road works compliance: 5 challenges and solutions

Stay ahead of your competition by being prepared for these five common issues that arise when managing winter road work.

VTTI study shows automated driver training reduced risky driving

A Virginia Tech Trucking Institute (VTTI) fleet safety study on Predictive Coach found that the automated driver training solution successfully reduced risky driving. VTTI reports: “The Predictive Coach Program resulted in statistically significant reductions in the rate of most risky driving behaviors tracked.” In particular, excessive speeding was reduced by 73.93 percent. In addition, VTTI

Two Essential MyGeotab Reports for Cutting Fuel Costs

What is the largest operating expense for fleets? Fuel. So, managing fuel efficiency is one of the key challenges for every fleet management company. Fortunately, telematics solutions can help fleet operators with cutting fuel costs. According to Frost & Sullivan, the benefits of a fleet management system include reducing fuel expenses up to 25 percent

How Fleet Predictive Maintenance Works

When you get sick, your symptoms tell you something is wrong — headache, nausea, weakness or trouble concentrating. Like a truck or bus driver seeing a dashboard light, that’s when you become consciously aware of a problem. When the illness gets really bad, you’re out of commission. Imagine how great it would be to be

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