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What’s new in the Geotab Marketplace?

Published on June 22, 2022 in Marketplace by Mili Muñiz |  2 minute read

Refreshed with you in mind. Keep reading for the latest Geotab Marketplace updates to deliver the best experience for you.

The Geotab Marketplace has launched a new website update that makes navigation easier than ever. The largest fleet and data-focused e-commerce store, the Geotab Marketplace offers over 200 solutions including video telematics, connected sensors, fuel management, electric vehicles and more. Our solutions focus on helping fleet businesses increase their productivity both on-road and off, encouraging compliance and lowering operating costs. 


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Homepage redesign: Find what you need faster

The Geotab Marketplace homepage has been completely redesigned. With our cleaner, more streamlined layout, you will be able to find what you need with ease. Whether you are just browsing solutions or have something specific in mind, you can do it all with just a couple of clicks.


Additionally, we’ve added two dynamic solution categories to the home page, Trending Solutions and Recently Updated. You can stay up-to-date with the newest and most popular solutions on the Geotab Marketplace without navigating.

New Marketplace homepage showing Trending and Recently Updated solution categories, and navigation menu on the left side

We’ve updated the left hand navigation menu so you can easily find the solutions you’re looking for depending on what you need for your business. 

Once you choose a category to browse, you’re given even more options on how you want to break it down. This helps you get as specific or general as you need for each product category.

 Gif of Marketplace Connected Sensors category page showing solutions being sorted into Cold Chain and Tire Pressure Monitoring sub categories.

New Partner Profile pages: Get a more in-depth look at our Partners

Our new Partner Profile pages help you learn all there is to know about a specific Marketplace Partner. It is your one-stop resource for all the information you need on your Partner of choice. Get a general overview of their solutions, look through the benefits and features they offer and browse additional resources like infographics, videos and fact sheets.

New Marketplace homepage showing Trending and Recently Updated solution categories, and navigation menu on the left side.

New login and check-out functionality: Streamline your shopping experience

An entirely new feature that has never been included on the Marketplace site before has also been announced. If you are a MyGeotab user, you can now log in to the Geotab Marketplace using your MyGeotab credentials directly from the Marketplace website. This helps streamline your shopping experience and offers a higher level of organization to your Marketplace purchases.

Gif of the new Login button being clicked, pop up window asking for MyGeotab username and password.

Place orders and view your order history for our Order Now solutions with just a couple of clicks. You can also use this new feature to download free Geotab solutions right from the Marketplace website. 

Order Now shopping checkout steps showing the My Cart, User Agreement, Shipping, and Order Confirmation steps.

Region selector: Connect with Partners in your region

Lastly, we’ve added the convenience of browsing region-specific solutions in order to save you time while shopping on the Geotab Marketplace. Ensure that you are seeing only the solutions that apply to your region so that you can be sure you’re getting a personalized experience. 

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