Small fleet, big rewards: Telematics tips for small fleets

4 tips on small fleet management. Learn how small fleets can use telematics to achieve higher performance and find cost savings.

Electric vehicle adoption in the UK: Why make the transition?

Explore the advantages and barriers of making the transition to electric vehicles.

Fleet management tools for the new mobility scenario

Fleets are facing new pressures as the mobility sector changes around them. Learn how telematics can be used to stay competitive through optimization.

Mobile AirQuality Measurement project studies hyper-local air quality in Aachen with IoT

Air pollution poses a serious health risk in Europe. Read about air quality and learn what the Mobile AirQuality Measurement project is doing.

What’s new in Geotab Drive – Version 1903

Read the latest summary of updates in MyGeotab Drive.

What’s new in MyGeotab – Version 1903

Read the latest summary of updates in MyGeotab.

Fleets think outside the box to increase brand awareness

Companies look to alternative methods to increase brand awareness for their fleets.

Get excited for Geotab Connect 2020!

Geotab Connect 2020 has been announced! See what’s coming up in the biggest telematics conference we’ve ever held.

Data normalization and why it matters

Explore data normalization and why it’s important for your fleet.

Top 7 mistakes to avoid when adding EVs to your fleet

Avoid these seven mistakes when you add electric vehicles to your fleet. Read more.

Preparing for EVs: Charge the North EV study findings for fleet operators

Is the electrical grid and utilities sector prepared for wide-scale EV adoption? A study of 1000 EVs in Canada looks at what is needed to support and prepare for EV uptake.

CAN bus analysis of electric vehicles vs. combustion engines

A Geotab solutions engineer explains CAN bus analysis in vehicles and how connecting to EVs works.

The emergence of telematics in India

Telematics is one of the fastest emerging markets in India. Learn more about the current trends and opportunities in the world’s seventh largest country.

July is Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

The month of July is Vehicle Theft Prevention Month. Read about car theft hot spots and get tips on keeping your vehicle safe.

Geotab Data Bootcamp recap 2019

A recap of the first ever Geotab Data Bootcamp 2019 — data science and AI training for fleet and connected vehicle professionals.

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