A visual guide to public EV charging stations – Spain

A guide that shows the location of public charging points for electric vehicles in the main Spanish cities.

Introducing the Geotab OEM Telematics Platform

The Geotab OEM Telematics Platform makes it possible to integrate third-party information from OEM vehicles and equipment into MyGeotab.

How can fleets improve trailer utilization?

Discover how trailers can be optimized and costs minimized using telematics.

The future of transportation: Where will we go?

From drones to hover bikes and tunnels, take a look at the future of transportation where sustainable and autonomous technology rule.

Get to know vehicle to infrastructure communication

Connected vehicles have the potential to dramatically improve driver safety. Read more.

Ridesharing and carsharing are growing in Latin America

The carsharing and ridesharing industry in LatAm is worth $925 million. Learn more about the dynamics that shape the region’s mobility marketplace.

Every second counts: Active Tracking for first responders

What is Active Tracking and how does it benefit emergency vehicle fleets? Read to learn more.

How missed maintenance affects fleet productivity

The key to fleet productivity is making sure that their vehicles are properly maintained. Read why maintenance matters.

A Look at the Geotab GO Device: Past, present, and future

Read about the past, present, and future of the Geotab GO device. The initial production of the GO1 device began in 1997, and Geotab has continued to modify and enhance aspects of the device since then.

Cities driving to 100% renewable energy

Learn what cities worldwide are pledging to institute clean air solutions to solve problems, to better lives, and to bring us to the future.

Optimizing your business with on-demand technology

Learn how to optimize your business with the help of on-demand technology.

The top 3 reasons we’re excited for Cenex-LCV 2019

Cenex-LCV 2019 is the UK’s biggest event for low-carbon vehicle technology. Learn what Geotab is most excited about!

Florida prepares for Hurricane Dorian: View real-time data insights

Hurricane Dorian is expected to be one of the strongest hurricanes to hit Florida’s east coast since 1992. View real-time data insights to see the impact of the storm on both commercial fleet activity (traffic volumes) and ground-truth weather.

NMFTA raises the bar on ELD security standards

NMFTA has developed telematics initiatives to raise the bar on cybersecurity. Read more.

A simple guide to EV charging

A guide to electric vehicle charging, terms, the cost and common mistakes to avoid.

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