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City of Raleigh: Enhancing fleet safety, sustainability and vehicle maintenance with telematics

Published on March 8, 2024

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The city’s vehicle fleet services department wanted to use data to take better care of their trucks, increase their drivers’ aggregate safety rating, identify opportunities for fleet electrification and reduce total fuel consumption. With Geotab, they were able to efficiently monitor vehicle usage and promote safer, more responsible driving by employees, doubling their global driver safety score within three months. The city also used vehicle data from Geotab to pinpoint electrification opportunities and scale greener operations.


Using the solutions of Geotab and their Geotab reseller, BlueArrow Telematics, Raleigh is constantly learning more about the inner workings of their fleet, enabling them to increase operational efficiency and work smarter.


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Client profile

Client name:

City of Raleigh


Public Sector

Types of vehicles:

Mixed fleet including sedans, pick-up trucks, solid waste vehicles, police vehicles, electric vehicles

Fleet size:


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