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Streamlining fleet operations with enhanced routing and optimization updates in MyGeotab

Last updated on October 17, 2023 in Fleet Optimization by Deana Beltsis |  2 minute read

Optimizing fleet routes is essential for staying ahead of the competition. MyGeotab's latest update includes new features that make it easier and faster for fleet operators to improve their operations, including a new Economic Model to create the most cost-effective routes.

Scenario: Struggling to keep up with demand

Let’s say a delivery company with a fleet of 50 vehicles is struggling to keep up with the growing demand for their services. The company's fleet managers are finding it difficult to plan efficient routes and ensure on-time deliveries. They are also facing rising fuel and labor costs, which are putting a strain on their bottom line.

Solution: MyGeotab Routes and Optimize

Over the past few releases of MyGeotab, we've been building and enhancing features to help our customers refine their workflows and improve their profitability. With MyGeotab 11.0, fleet operators, such as our delivery company, can more easily and quickly optimize routes and enhance their operations. 


Side-by-side map views make real time, quick adjustments easy

With the ability to quickly and easily import routes in .CSV or Excel format, fleet managers using MyGeotab 11.0 can hone their operations and save valuable time. The updated Route Edit and new Route View page make it easier than ever to edit and view routes, allowing fleet managers to make quick adjustments in real time. The side-by-side views of the Map and related activity provide a comprehensive view of fleet operations – essential for keeping track of everything. By using these new features, fleet managers can augment efficiency, reduce travel time, boost productivity and ultimately save on fuel costs.


Empowering drivers with mobile support

The updated Drive App integration provides drivers with a range of features to help them better manage their routes and schedules. With access to real-time information on stop locations, notes, and scheduling, drivers can quickly identify and update status using their mobile devices. Fleet managers can also benefit from the integration by accessing data on driver performance, enabling them to make more informed decisions about their operations.


Finding the lowest-cost routes

Our updated Economic Model helps fleet managers find the most cost-effective routes for their drivers. This model takes into account both hard costs such as fuel and maintenance, and soft costs like time and vehicle utilization. Fleet managers can help their drivers make the most efficient stops to maximize capacity and minimize costs. They can also save on fuel and labor costs while still making sure deliveries are efficient and on time. Users can also choose between using Geotab's Economic Optimization engine or Google Route API to generate routes, providing even more power over operations. 


Assessing driver performance

MyGeotab offers powerful tools to assess the performance of your drivers, allowing you to identify inefficiencies and productivity gaps. By utilizing time-based statuses, such as late arrivals or on-time deliveries, fleet managers can gain valuable insights into driver efficiency and adherence to schedules. The ability to compare planned routes with actual performance helps provide a clear understanding of any deviations and the opportunities for improvement. 

Result: Geotab helps struggling delivery company meet their growing demand

By streamlining fleet operations with MyGeotab's advanced routing and optimization, the delivery company in our scenario is able to optimize its routes and reduce travel time, improving productivity and fuel cost savings. Thanks to the new Economic Model, fleet managers can find the most cost-effective routes for their drivers and minimize fuel and labor costs while still providing timely deliveries. Fleet managers can also make quick adjustments in real-time and view resource stops in order and calendar view, optimizing their operations and saving valuable time. The Drive App integration also helped them better plan their delivery routes and resolve any issues or delays that may arise during the delivery process.


Additional routing & dispatch solutions

Meeting the diverse needs of our customers, Geotab’s Marketplace Partners offer a wide range of dispatch and routing solutions that extend the routing and optimization solution. For more information about our partnership with our Marketplace Partners, please refer to our previous blog post.


To learn more about the power of enhanced routing and optimization or to schedule a demo, explore our Fleet Routing and Optimization page.

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