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Stolen Vehicle Recovered With Geotab Telematics

vehicle theft and telematics

A few weeks ago, one of our Geotab employees woke up to discover that her vehicle had been stolen off her front driveway. Knowing that her car was equipped with a Geotab GO device, she contacted a member of Geotab’s technical support staff. By signing into Geotab’s software, which recreates vehicle trips and analyzes incidents, he was able to see that the car was stopped and could be found just up the street.

From there, she proceeded to contact the local authorities. After a short walk, they spotted the vehicle and immediately noticed that the GPS tracking device had been removed and that the vehicle was abandoned. During police investigation, it was concluded that the car had likely been ditched due to the realization that it was being tracked in real-time.

As the events continued to unfold, our employee was able to provide all of the data and information to her insurance company. Today, her vehicle has been repaired and is safe to drive again.

Contact Geotab to learn more about how telematics technology can work for security and asset tracking purposes.


satellite image of vehicle location on road   

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