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truck in a field

Grupo Crío: Ensuring driver safety

Published on May 8, 2017

truck in a field

The challenge: Ensuring driver safety

Grupo Crío is a poultry producer supplying chickens and eggs to the southeastern states of the Republic of México: Yucatán, Campeche, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Chiapas. Grupo Crío has a mixed fleet of Heavy-Duty and Light-Duty vehicles and vans, totalling 500 vehicles. The company focuses strongly on driver and fleet safety.

Previously, Grupo Crío was using a tracking solution that provided only GPS location data. They needed a telematics solution with greater capabilities to achieve their fleet safety goals. After evaluating technology providers for fleet management, they chose Geotab because, in addition to GPS data, Geotab provides information about driving habits and engine failures. Grupo Crío Fleet Manager Luis Enrique Gonzalez explains, “This data is very valuable for three reasons: to ensure full safety to our drivers; to perform proactive maintenance of vehicles; and to know time-outs for a better optimization of our resources.”

Rich data provides greater fleet insight

Grupo Crío selected the Geotab solution because of the powerful and robust MyGeotab fleet management software platform, advanced reports, and user-friendly interface. “Our reseller, also gives us great support. They are always available for any questions and give us advice and training on all the possibilities offered by this solution,” says Gonzalez.

The solution: Reward program encourages safe driving

Grupo Crío installed Geotab GO7 telematics devices in 130 vehicles at their headquarters in Merida. A bonus program for fleet drivers was set up in addition to the telematics program. Keeping drivers safe was a clear and fundamental objective from the beginning for Grupo Crío. The data collection and reporting features of the Geotab solution made it possible to develop a report that monitors driving habits, such as harsh accelerations, cornering and braking, speeding, detection of seat belt use, and more accurately records the number of hours worked.

Thanks to Geotab’s telematics technology, Grupo Crío created a very successful bonus system that rewards and promotes best driving practices. “Now I can confidently say that Grupo Crío has a safe fleet,” says Gonzalez.

Each parameter is given a specific weight within the overall report. All the drivers in the program receive a personalized score and know exactly which aspects of their driving behavior needs improvement. The report is submitted and discussed with each driver, since it impacts a portion of their salary. “This is a training program that encourages and rewards best driving practices,” says Gonzalez. Grupo Crío also provides training advice and educates drivers about the benefits of safe and efficient driving.

As an added benefit, Geotab technology helps Grupo Crío with vehicle maintenance, keeping their vehicles in the best condition possible. With Geotab, the company can conduct a preliminary check before each trip to ensure compliance, and prevent issues such as low oil levels.

The results: Zero accidents and lower fuel costs

The telematics program has helped Grupo Crío garner two big wins: improved driver safety and fuel savings

At the beginning of the program, only 30% of the fleet’s drivers received the bonus compensation for good driving practices. Now, almost 100% of the drivers achieve the safe driving bonus.

At first there was some reluctance by some part of drivers, but now everyone understands that this is an improvement. “In fact, since the program was established we have had 0 accidents,” says Fleet Manager Luis Enrique Gonzalez.

“I would recommend Geotab’s fleet management solutions to any company that has vehicles because it makes it possible to significantly improve the safety of drivers. The more safe drivers there are on the road, the better for everyone,” says Fleet Manager Luis Enrique Gonzalez.

The benefits even extended to Human Resources. Grupo Crío saw reductions in absenteeism, turnover, and improved the working environment, as workers now feel more connected to the values of the company.

In addition to the improvement in driving behavior, Grupo Crío has been able to achieve 13% savings on fuel and improve care of the overall condition of fleet vehicles. Return on investment (ROI) for the telematics solutions was fast. In seven months, Grupo Crío has already managed to amortize the investment.

Currently, 130 vehicles are equipped with telematics technology, but the next objective is to equip the entire fleet. Grupo Crío’s objective is to maintain a zero accident rate. Telematics has supported management and decision-making through rich, accurate data and customized reporting. As Grupo Crío’s Fleet Manager states, “Geotab’s fleet management solutions offers a wide visibility of vehicles and this helps us to make the right decisions.”


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From the fleet manager

“This is a training program that encourages and rewards best driving practices” 

- Luis Enrique Gonzalez Fleet Manager

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