Geotab launches service to help fleets go electric, reduce emissions and save money

Published on November 6, 2019

Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment tool uses Geotab telematics platform to deliver data-driven recommendations

London, UK, November 6, 2019Geotab, the global leader in connected vehicles, today announced the launch of its Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment tool (EVSA) in Europe. Available now as a Geotab Marketplace add-in for users of Geotab’s award-winning telematics platform, the EVSA leverages an organisation’s existing driving profiles and Geotab’s unique level of insight into fleet behaviour to answer key questions for businesses considering electrification.

“As companies work to meet climate change goals, reduce urban air pollution and power up their corporate social responsibility programs, going electric will be at the top of many fleet managers’ minds,” said Edward Kulperger, VP Europe at Geotab. “However, fleet electrification is not a small task. In a growing EV market, fleet managers must identify which EV models best match their range requirements while also accommodating for local weather and road conditions, changes to driver behaviour, and the effects on their operational budget.”

Through analysing driving behaviour, the EVSA identifies which existing vehicles are a good fit for electrification, suggests suitable EV replacement models and quantifies how much the organisation can save as well as estimate potential carbon emission reduction. Geotab’s EVSA tool will only recommend an EV that can meet the organisation’s duty cycle requirements and is financially viable, giving businesses the confidence to electrify their fleets.

The EVSA joins a market-leading range of EV telematics solutions in the Geotab ecosystem. It enables fleet managers to demonstrate the return on investment for electrification, empowering them to track emissions, understand the total cost of ownership as well as providing the day-to-day vehicle insights.

“Electric vehicles already make sense from an emissions perspective, and, as the technology develops, they are making sense for more usage scenarios and financial contexts,” concluded Kulperger. “With the EVSA, electrification makes sense from a management point of view too. We’re excited to see more of our customers go electric.”


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