3 new heavy truck solutions on the Geotab Marketplace

Published on November 28, 2017

Award-Winning Telematics Provider Adds Safety, Productivity and Compliance Tools

Toronto, Ontario – February 27, 2017 – Geotab, a global leader in open IoT fleet management, today announced new partner solutions available on the Geotab Marketplace. Strategically selected to improve vehicle utilization, driver productivity, increase safety, and help fleets with regulatory compliance requirements, Pulsar Informatics, AssetLink and Advantage PressurePro, join a growing portfolio of mobile apps, software Add-Ins and hardware Add-Ons that enable Geotab customers to customize their fleet management.

Although geared to address the needs of heavy duty fleets, businesses of any size and composition can benefit from the increased safety capabilities, and productivity boosting solutions.


Advantage PressurePro:

PressurePro’s advanced Tire Performance Management Solutions (TPMS) bring fleets of all kinds and sizes the real-time tire performance data needed to increase fuel efficiency, decrease downtime, extend tire life, improve handling and braking, streamline maintenance and more. With complete integration to Geotab’s platform, PressurePro arms users with real time readings and alerts both in-cab and remote, unlocking unmatched capability for drivers and fleet managers to identify and correct tire issues before they become costly or dangerous. When used in conjunction with PressurePro’s Connect software, fleets experience unmatched TPMS reporting and analysis tools.

“TPMS allows fleets to use a single technology to drive down costs and inefficiencies across several of their largest expenses,” stated Edward Lutsko, Technology Manager, PressurePro. “PressurePro simplifies and streamlines tire maintenance, arming fleets with a powerful tool that identifies tire performance trends, taking their tire maintenance programs from reactive to proactive.”



AssetLink’s AssetPack-3™ (AP3™) is a battery-powered, solar-recharging, two-way satellite GPS asset tracker and sensor interface, specially designed to track unpowered industrial assets. The low profile, fully self-contained, ruggedized device operates over the 100% global Iridium satellite network and is over-the-air (OTA) command capable. The AP3 is pre-integrated into the MyGeotab platform as a hardware Add-On for unpowered assets.

“The AP3 enables reliable tracking and monitoring of any fixed or mobile asset, anywhere in the world - containers, trailers, flatbeds, heavy equipment and more, in numerous heavy industries,” said Scott Rosenzweig, EVP, Sales & Business Development. “It’s the one and only GPS tracker that works ‘Forever, Everywhere’. Our goal was to make it seamless for Geotab fleet managers to add their asset visibility.”

The AP3 is a ready-to-deploy, global tracking solution that can be installed and activated in under 30 seconds, lasts the lifetime of most industrial equipment (7-10+ years), and is designed to survive long low sun conditions. The AP3 has intrinsic safe C1D2 certification and is licensed for sale and use in many countries.


Pulsar Informatics:

Pulsar Informatics' Trucking Fatigue Meter provides a real-time picture of the fatigue risks across your fleet. Sampling HOS data in Geotab’s ELD system throughout the day, this Add-In monitors driver fatigue risk levels. Trucking Fatigue Meter offers trucking companies unparalleled safety benefits for proactive fatigue risk management of the fleet, identification of driver education opportunities, and a means of post processing safety critical events to establish likely causal factors to use in developing improvement initiatives.

“If driver fatigue risk keeps you up at night, Trucking Fatigue Meter will go a long way to help you identify fatigued drivers on the road and provide insight into the key issues that are increasing your risk,” said Daniel Mollicone Ph.D, CEO, Pulsar Informatics Inc.

The Geotab Marketplace - a go-to source for organizations requiring GPS fleet management and vehicle tracking solutions - provides an extensive ecosystem of valuable business focused applications and Add-Ons, helping customers add value to their Geotab fleet management solution. Launched in 2015 as a complement to the MyGeotab platform, the Marketplace is currently used by more than 14,000 Geotab customers.

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