Geotab Sponsors an OpenStreetMap Project To Advance Accuracy

May 27, 2014 – (Toronto, Ontario) – OpenStreetMap, which originated in 2004, has revolutionized the global geodata market and today provides exceedingly detailed and fresh location data at no cost. Geotab has sponsored an OpenStreetMap quality assurance tool that helps further improve map accuracy by keeping addresses updated for business routing and tracking purposes.

Working under an open license, OpenStreetMap data is gathered by hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world. Stemming from the precision that OpenStreetMap provides, some of the world’s most well known companies rely on the platform, including FourSquare, MapQuest, Pinterest, and the Financial Times. As a leading developer of end-to-end telematics technology that helps businesses of all sizes better manage their drivers and vehicles, Geotab is committed in helping shape the worldwide mapping standard by supporting major mapping expansion projects.

According to Neil Cawse, Geotab CEO, “Our sponsorship will help make a significant difference for OpenStreetMap in strengthening the project and ensuring its continued success.” The company also looks forward to the SotM-EU 2014 conference, where the brightest and most active members of the OpenStreetMap surveying and development community will gather to discuss results and new ideas.

About OpenStreetMap

To learn more about OpenStreetMap in addition to how Geotab telematics fits in, please visit the following links below or contact us to learn more.

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