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SmartCharge Rewards

Understand and manage the impact from electric vehicle charging load on the grid.

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What is SmartCharge Rewards?

SmartCharge Rewards helps electric utility companies build positive relationships with their customers while effectively shifting their EV charging load.


Managing EV charging load with SmartCharge Rewards

SmartCharge Rewards is an electric vehicle charging demand management program that treats EV owners as part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Electric utilities are able to shift the charging load of EV drivers in their service territory by offering rewards. With no additional equipment required, electric utilities can easily scale their programs to keep up with the increasing number of EVs on the road.

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SmartCharge Rewards benefits

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Achieve a desired load shape

Shift electric vehicle charging load with strategies which reward the participation of drivers.

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Keep utility customers happy

EV drivers understand electricity and want to do their part to support the supply of clean, safe and affordable electricity.

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Flexible program configurations

Utilities face similar challenges, but no two are alike. Programs are configurable to meet the needs of all territories.

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Sized to current needs

Small to large, high-density or rural, programs size to fit the current need to understand and manage EV charging load.

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Scale to forecasted demand

Meet the need for demand management by pacing program sizes with growing charging load as new EVs take to the road.

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Professional services support

Programs run smoothly and efficiently with an in-house team and dedicated program manager supporting each program.

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Easy enrollment and setup

Automated setup means that EV drivers can enroll and start participating in days. Thousands of drivers already have.

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Driver dashboards portal

Drivers get access to their data for insight into performance, energy use and achievements from shifting demand.

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Increase customer satisfaction

Communicate with EV driver customers to solicit feedback, send updates and increase positive interactions.

SmartCharge Rewards

  • Works with most EV models
  • Works with all types of EV charging
  • Easy, plug-and-play installation
  • Easy to understand reporting
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Manage EV charging load growth
  • Mitigate risk to the electric grid
  • Shift charging of peak-demand periods
  • Charge when renewables are online
  • Defer infrastructure upgrades
  • Encourage the adoption of clean transportation
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You need data to understand EV charging load

EV charging is unpredictable – varying from one utility service territory to the next. Profiling provides the most accurate understanding of the EV charging impact on the grid.

Data collected at the source – the vehicle – logs energy and electric load on all charging equipment, most EV models, and in any location.

The result is an accurate and comprehensive territory-wide data-set of all charging which provides a basis for greater insights and accurate planning and forecasting.

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SmartCharge Rewards, benefits of profiling

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Pin-point charging load

Locate where demand from EV charging will exceed capacity on a localized level through charge clustering forecasting.

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Program reporting

Seeing is understanding, our dashboards visualize vehicle and charging data so that it can be understood at a glance.

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Dive into detailed reporting

Use comprehensive data for insight-driven planning, impact-forecasting and program management strategies.

White paper

Electric vehicle growing pains

With the popularity of EVs increasing, along with the expansion of models being offered with much higher battery capacities, their destructive potential on distribution assets will continue to grow. Utility providers can prepare for this eventuality by relying on up-to-date and highly-accurate charging load data.

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