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Optimize your fleet safety program with our comprehensive checklist

Topics covered in this checklist include:

  • Forming a dedicated safety team
  • Using AI-powered dashcams for real-time monitoring
  • Establishing a driver feedback program
  • Leveraging AI-driven safety analytics
  • And more…

Get your free fleet safety checklist

Get your free fleet safety checklist

Driver safety

Managers strive to reduce the risk of incidents, collisions and injuries. The key to diminish these risks primarily hinges on driver performance and equipping them with the appropriate tools. Additionally, managers require effective systems to track and monitor driver performance, allowing them to intervene with timely and relevant safety analytics for impactful coaching sessions.

To establish a robust driver safety program, fleets incorporate a suite of tools including:

  • Driver safety reporting
  • Driver coaching
  • Predictive safety technologies
fleet safety dashboard in mygeotab
dash cam tracking dashboard in mygeotab

Protect your business with fleet camera systems

Our commercial dash cams provide crucial video evidence in the case of collisions and insurance disputes, captured in a clear and complete high-definition picture.This helps accurately represent events, prevent exaggerated claims and exonerate drivers who are not at fault. Knowing exactly what happened helps fleets avoid nuclear verdicts and protects them against fraud.

For further security and fleet safety information, such as protection from theft, connect up to five cameras to monitor the interiors, equipment and other high-value gear of your vehicles.

Fleet safety resources

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Learn about our fleet safety management solutions that monitor driver behavior, along with dashboard reports, custom alerts and collision avoidance systems that can help keep your drivers — and everyone else — safe.

More fleet management tools

Manage your fleet more effectively with our free fleet management tools.

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