EV Range Temperature Tool

Learn how hot and cold temperatures affect your EVs range.

How do extreme temperatures affect my EV’s range?

The distance you can travel on a single charge will change in cold or hot temperatures. This is because your vehicle’s heating or cooling systems draw from the same battery. Following an analysis of 4,200 connected EVs and 5.2 million trips, Geotab has mapped out the impact temperature has on day-to-day EV range. Understanding expected range helps to ensure you have the right vehicle for the job in any temperature.

Automóvil que se mueve a lo largo de un gráfico para mostrar la longitud del rango según la temperatura.

Did you know the ideal operating temperature for EVs is 21.5 C (70 F)?

Our analysis shows the ideal operating temperature to get the most range out of your EV is 21.5 C (70 F). At this temperature, EVs are achieving on average 115% of their rated range. The farther above or below the optimal temperature, the more range is lost.

Ready to give it a try?

To use the Temperature Tool for EV Range, first select a vehicle model, year and battery size. Next, simply slide the temperature bar to see the impact on range.

The number indicated in blue is the average range that can be expected at the selected temperature for that vehicle. The red and green lines indicate the worst and best range distributions (10th and 90th percentiles).

Select “battery degradation” to account for capacity loss over time (otherwise the range displayed is for that vehicle model when new).

The temperature-range curve and the best and worst performers

Our range curve is based on the average efficiency of all connected vehicle trips taken at a given temperature. The most and least efficient trips (or best and worst range) at any given temperature will be due to a combination of external factors that influence vehicle efficiency, including terrain, speed, driver habits, trip length and start-conditions.

This tool will be updated periodically as more data is collected and analyzed.

Learn more about how temperature impacts range, and how you can minimize range loss in our blog post.
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